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  1. Re: [PROMO] HTE & ROTWB

    They getting lvl 4 t6 everytime new build come they put promo lol
  2. Re: [PROMO] HTE & ROTWB

    That makes sense nearly a year since HF came out
  3. Re: [PROMO] HTE & ROTWB

    These promos have made me so greedy its not even funny >.>
  4. Re: [PROMO] HTE & ROTWB

    The screen that pops up when i start KaW says its double payout for HTE and ROTW while forum and my plunder telling me its "only" +50%.

    Pls have a look at it, thx.
  5. Re: [PROMO] HTE

    HTEB2BROTWB SEAL USERSMAX  5 DAY PASS 

    Fast here
  6. Re: [PROMO] HTE


    Whether it will becomes something to be able to change on the fly depends on the programmers/developers.

    Just have a variable multiplied to all plunder and set it to default 1. Changing it on the fly means changing this factor something like 1.5. Why not? If the development team has the resources to come up with EBs, events or even launching an Android version after the early days in iOS only, surely they can modify this with ease. :)
  7. Re: [PROMO] HTE

    nice, but we haven't seals .... so only another support for HTE clans
  8. Re: [PROMO] HTE

    How about another seal/horn sale? Any of them in the pipeline? :) good job on this item hunting btw same payouts per person on eb regardless of length. Solid idea.
  9. Re: [PROMO] HTE

    Just make this last of it and end the whole eb thanks
  10. Re: [PROMO] HTE & ROTWB

    Quick devs! Make "SH Kingdoms at EB' now!
  11. Re: [PROMO] HTE

    New lands or they may be struggling money wise I see they dropped a we bit in the Dow jones a few dollars recently 
  12. Re: [PROMO] HTE & ROTWB

    Devs trying to secure revenue before all those free horns & seals are released. Nothing wrong with that.
  13. Re: [PROMO] HTE

    Well then... Sh@t just got real guys 
  14. Re: [PROMO] HTE

    Can we have a promo for pvp or something at least devs
  15. Re: [PROMO] HTE & ROTWB

    Ty dev 
  16. Re: [PROMO] HTE

    Come on Devs at least give up double drops on feathers for our money we spending, it's only a game let us win more for our real money
  17. Re: [PROMO] HTE & ROTWB

    why cant you do a promo on other ebs like before with the x2 drops and plunder
  18. Re: [PROMO] HTE

    What about increased feather drops at kAWadmin?
  19. Re: [PROMO] HTE

    Sure, give us the promo BEFORE we get our horn and seal rewards
  20. Re: [PROMO] HTE & ROTWB

    Pls keep this promo going for a few more days so ppl can use their rewards seals
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