End of support for PC client

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  1. Support so happy now lowkey nothing wrong with phone its just as fast depending on device But yes this is great for wars making everything fair
  2. This is bad... there is still a market for MMO games..out there.. but like you said companies like Apple and Android are making computers less active.. but then look at the actual games.. the MMO community is huge and most people are playing in Actual
    Computers... you should try to keep the PC version and try to move it to another Tap Tap language... I have always believe that KAw is not being Market correctly... but other games receive more advertisement...

    Please keep KAw moving in to any direction where we can all connect to enjoy our Game..

    Thank You ATA

    Ps: can’t you move in to HTML5 or Silverlight?
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  3. I do think this change could make system wars more fun now actually. And there is a good chance participation in them may increase rather than decrease.
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  4. Not really, PC is to phone as Android is to iOS. Basically a massive middle finger to anyone who uses an iOS since they are unable to speed through menus or speed up their device. No idea why you wanna kill off it but that’s a gg from me I guess
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  5. I have never wared on PC, I warned first war season, with 100 people max. I have always tracked with pen and paper( and a clock). What's the problem here?
  6. Try to track random ko with 20+ people. See how it works and how accurate u r while also trying to be active and following orders. Phone interface is also just worse since the chat screen and atk screens you can’t see at once.
  7. Support!! at last...

    Can you do it quicker pls, it will be unbearable listening to all the PC exploiters tears for another month.

    Buy a cheap device and transfer accounts and stop crying to all the nubs who cry on this thread.

    @Dev... one request... maybe implement a faster account switch on a single device this may appease some, as it's painfully slow on iOS while android users can load multiple accounts on a single device simultaneously at ease.
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  8. This, it’s not hard writing down times as they get koed, but typing them out is what will be a pain without Hot Keys
  9. I’m not familiar with android but it sounds like charm farming will still be possible with android.

    One other thing devs need to change before 8/31 is barcode names. Without pc those names can’t be copied and pasted to target accounts or even report them if necessary.
  10. EE wars taking another hit lol , rip trackers for regens and repins might aswell just make it all classic war again
  11. Honestly, taking away pc takes away the speed element of warring and makes it more strategy based. It also puts another knife into the hansel build, but that’s pretty trivial because the hansel was long dead anyways.
  12. Change the font setting on your phone, bam you have the barcode figured out lol
  13. Emulators act as though you are playing it from a mobile phone. However most decent emulators are for Android
  14. To every complaining about this being the devs fault it is far from that. Yes they could change from Flash to something else but at what cost? This would take time and money to do and at a certain point u just have to decide it is best to move to 100% mobile/emulator (there are many good free emulators Nox and bluestacks are both fine).

    Also this is old news. Flash being ‘shutdown’ is old news. When the news first hit KaWforum there was a bit of worrying then as well. This being back in 2017 I believe. So for anyone keeping up to date on tech news this should have been seen coming.

  15. Lol, nobody bothers to track most of these indy wars now anyway. Your lucky if someone bothers to wc.
  16. I'm not buying a new sophisticated & expensive phone just for my game.

    When this phone I have can no longer do better playing KAW especially when warring, it's time to retire...
  17. This changes is not ATA decision. ATA benefited in PC version because more players can buy directly through pc. That’s why it’s cheaper to buy nobility, xtals and other packages through pc. Apple just got greedy and want users to buy through them instead. So all of you want to get discount product must buy on pc before it shuts down. Buy a huge amount of nobility like $20k or more to last you for a while before pc version shut down. Otherwise you will be forced to buy through Apple or google for 30% more increase price over pc. My opinion this is still a good move to remove pc version. I hated this exploits from pc version. I hope most this cheats are gone because they mostly from pc version like bots.
  18. Depends on device. I couldn't see both until I got galaxy s9+. I track on android, war on android. Welcome to my world
  19. What, over half of kaw is hansel