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  1. This is my tenth year of playing Kingdoms at War. When I first started playing the end game was pretty clear, be the biggest, baddest and strongest clan in the game. I've watched many changes since the first days, the introduction of HTE, the removal of the reset button, Charms and furnishings and much more. Although I can still find fun in this game lately I've been wondering what is the end game?
    I'd like to know players opinions, new end old. What do you consider the end game for KaW is?
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  2. I made a similar post awhile back, got no traction. Basically, in this day and age of KaW the “end-game” is unobtainable for a casual with minimal alts and minimal spending.

    Ultimately, the whole reason I build up in this game is to war others. Prepare for the worst type thing, it is still a war game at it’s core and you can see that with all the osw going on right now. If I played this game solely to see my account progress I would quit with the amount of money I have to spend to catch up to top LB players.

  3. I got my end game back in 2015/2016

    Simply to make Enough of an impact in the game to be instantly recognized in WC, EE, ect.

    It's been a long time since than though and many of those I'd hear from almost daily are no longer playing.

    Because of that I am building up my overall xtal pile to give one Osw alliance one hell of a crappy 50% bonus weekend once I'm ready to throw in the towel.
  4. Endgame always should have been through wars, EE while not perfect was a lot fairer than the original warring which was very easy to fix a result for.

    EBs should be a means to grow, but grow for what if war isn't the end game?

    Honestly that was the biggest downfall of the game as there was never a clear end game other than grow bigger. Originally completing the hardest EBs was a sign you were strong. Now a piece of event equipment skips you to the hardest tiers of EBs almost straight away taking away the progression there.

    Wars at least tested your ability to use your strength but as time went on they were neglected.
  5. I agree Kezz, although I'm more of a PvP player and osw (the original war) warrior, after all, the name of the game is Kingdoms at War! I've watched how all of the system war's have progressed which seems to garner little attention within the community and I've seen the dissolution of clan wars which I was personally fond of so now my only real enjoyment in the game comes when the very occasional noob makes a serious fopah and we hash it out until one of us relents which is usually just a couple of hours. It seems the rest of the game is centered on epic battles.
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  6. I’m going to grow my account to a level where is relevant in game again. Then self destruct like always and start hitting random peeps. I’m hopeful I can annoy a few peeps on the way and interested to see if a clan can/will keep players pinned/zeroed for 24 hours +++

    After that, I will quit for a few years and if the game is still going come back and repeat 👍
  7. Once it was realised more people will pour money into this tap tap games for pve stuff the pvp stuff was left by the wayside, sadly this game is about the pve now, no longer about the pvp