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  1. Love Alpha__PsG__DoG__Alpha you mean
  2. The same stuff what happened with Valk happened with me on multiple occasions, it's astounding to see it still hasn't been fixed.

    EE is dead now, especially with Charms etc, should be BFA based again.
  3. Arrr Tweets did that downtime prevent you from stripping a PS this war?.

    I agree its frustrating but not half as bad as taking hidden allies Wink Wink from Pure Spies.
  4. Then pure spies should put up an atk build lol
    Shouldnt go crying to her for using a perfectly acceptable tactic that is within the rules as set. But an account that casted and was counted as part of matchup, but couldn't compete, that is total bs.
  5. Whilst I think the castle should have troops, I agree its a legitimate way to win within the rules. Just not something I would do because don't personally feel it would give me any sense of achievement Vamps.

    However the point raised should be looked into.
  6. Quit ur crying
  7. Really sad to see that but yeah Superior, still no response from that.
  8. Lmao thank you. At the end of the day, stripping is a war tactic. If pure spy don't like it, then simply do not cast as that build. If stripping was not allowed; it would not be allowed in EE. :) Just some fun lol.
  9. Two glitches in two wars today:

    firstly KA war was x2 CC visible, the clan I left prior to matchup and the EE clan I joined it was amusing

    and secondly indi war 14 vs 14 one of our roster who cast and was accepted in clan matchup showed as inactive and couldn't join the war ended up 13 vs 14
  10. It's a hopeless game.. only thing left to care about is the kawmmunity and other then that the game is on a huge fall.. F2P players are overpowering top spenders.. all war systems are corrupted.. clans structure is getting destroyed with forcing players to jump clans to get their rewards.. but..

    They will see their sales on blackfriday and realize how much they failed
  11. ...and history repeats itself.

    It starts out real nice and slow, ATA loves you like a first born child. But oh wait, theres something more, something lurking in the darkness... Something many don't know about... A red-headed step child ATA no longer loves. The childs name was Future Combat: Patriots at War. If you've been around long enough you know what i'm talking about. History repeats itself, pay attention.
  12. How is this still happening...
  13. I think last promo taught them that charms have had a huge impact. Im speaking to some players that don't even want to BC because charms outweigh bfa. Just doesnt make sense how bfa is capped but charms are still not to this day. Youre right BF will be a huge shock.
  14. Its just upsetting unfortunately and they don't do anything about it.

  15. I agree. While they obviously can't please everyone, their games have so much potential and it's almost like they want to see them fail.
  16. EE died long ago. And KaW is dead as it is. They may still have a small playerbase but for all purposes the game is no longer a game. It's a chatroom for people to cause drama and click a screen.
  17. Thats Kaw in itself but wars are the only part of game that requires you to use your head rather than only your wallet.
  18. Since charms are unstrippable and mean more than BFA, doubt many will train other than maybe t100 to maintain place on alb.
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  19. Devs made kaw into a professional mess.. where people are now making the $$$ and at the same time they destroyed the balance of the whole game :)
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