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Discussion in 'Wars' started by sparta-2qw, Mar 2, 2014.

  1. I was wondering is it possible to build a full ee war roster with all pure spies or over 75% pure spies this is a disscusion thread and i wanted to hear what the forums had to say
  2. Pure spies are bad bad bad people they should all be banned
  3. Lol ur a pure spie
  4. I think a few here and there are ok but not a whole roster.

    Harder for them to make plunder, and with no troops it is harder to fully ok someone.

    As long as they are good/fast at banking all gold, they won't put out too much plunder since they would be dtw after the first hit.

    Another down side is everyone knows you only need to scout bomb them to ko them.
  5. Clan, -S26TR-
    Or -00-.

    Check that out.
  6. there is a clan of over 75% pure spies. They do pretty well.
  7. Pure spies are a piss poor build. You can **** them at every turn
  8. Remove dtw from war... and see how those clans do!!
  9. You may as well forget the idea because it won't work. Óź†
  10. Everyone saying that pure spies suck, how else do you expect to let hansels do ee wars.

    Without ps a hansel is useless.
  11. Big hansels are pretty useless too.
  12. I suggest in ee war all ee warrers have infinite troops and spies and that there is no DTW and no restrictions of stats meaning a 25mcs can hit a 1mcs also. Lets see who can win like that.
  13. A 25m cs guy would make like 500 gold so they would lose..
  14. 25m cs guy hitting a 1m cs guy would make 500 gold **
  15. There is one and they do great