EE War 2018 Update Request

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  1. Its been a while that EE wars have been something that everyone wanted to be part off, but with many Updates in the last 4 years We reach a point where some of those people that complain And got what They ask for are no longer here, So Devs Please bring back the Following:

    1.- Green , Yes that is what makes the Ko's Amazing And help's everyone understand how We doing, when u Ko someone Green is our favorite Color. Now its all red flavorless

    2.- Get Rid of Low Land Wars, Or better Mix Indi wars And Low Land, that way is more balance War... When u started primal wars They where Good until u started adding the Equip And BFA, Now this BFC is killing it, so Mix up the War Rooster for Low Lands, no clan sign up necessary

    3.- Bring Back TVP , Yes it was great before 2014, a lot of folks enter EE War And where Ok With THe Vanashing Paladins has a Eb for loosing a War, make ir better Drops, Gold And prizes, We need people to participate in EE

    4.- Weekend 2-5 Hrs Wars And Big 50 vs 50 Roustes, Prize Silver bars And Item Drops

    5.- Not Only ASW lets make a Royal Rumble Battle where Entry is 1000 Mith or Whatever item you want, any Size Build can participate We can make a CAP similar To Low Land Wars, even Better Lets make a Low Land Star Wars, But i like bettwr the idea of no more than 100mcs Wars Cap..

    Again, EE Wars are Amazing, but sometimes We need more than 1 Hr to make a Good start ...

    Please keep adding Suggestions To this Thread
    And Post your first War in this EE universe:

    "I didnt know what S2 Was or how To participate, didnt do Wars until Oct 2013 Chaos Wars was amazing made a lot of friends, Making my First Clan Forsaken Fortress"

    To the Developers Thank You!
  2. I been warring since beta EE right and I WC and tracked almost all my wars and i can do it in less then half a hr
  3. Stop these EE threads devs said there not planning on doing anything for ee, it has pretty much flatlined now.
  4. Holy crap, did I read that right? You KO someone (or they sko) and it's no longer green? Lol, what, are all the notifications different shades of red? Been over a year since I warred (once I realized the advertised ee gold plunder % bonus wasn't correct) Lol.
  5. Yeah honestly, which idiots thought it would be a good idea to change all the notifications to red smh
  6. Ko is always green. Bright for a KO dark for an SKO on opponent team.
  7. My first EE war? i won't talk about it.
  8. EE already died when GH SH exploit was vanished together with Redstar and Cella.:)
  9. That is actually not true so don’t post false information. It’s on the list and I know they plan on fixing it as I’m doing all I can with them to help on this matter. Just when it can be done is the real question and as of what I know they are awaiting a few things first.
  10. They did actually say that I can't remember which thread but they did. It's great they have apparently changed their minds however we'll have to wait and see I guess. I just hope they include bfe lol in their matchmaking.

  11. I remember seeing a post also mentioning not doing anything about wars but I also think that was the previous team...hopefully the new team is up to the challenge
  12. Bring back war equip
  13. I trust the Devs and I trust the Thread.. it will come, one day it will. As of now I'll just keep buffing those BFA's
  14. On the topic of EE wars are the moth drops still ok its been awhile. I also think that the biggest reason people stop playing in wars for the most part is because of how much time is invested to actually get the equipment and upgrade it. You have a 50/50 chance to win and a lot of the time in indi wars and clan wars I feel like the odds are stacked up against you.
  15. Er.. koes are still green? No idea where ur getting this from, maybe ur clan only gets koed?
  16. Why did they take away the green ko's?.. It's like they asked everyone what their favorite part of war was and then took it away wtf.
  17. First devs must stop autoclickers. It's amazing when one person can war with 4 or more accounts and able to hit with all accounts in lowland 5x or more a second
  18. Can you name a person who bots in LL. Nobody can do this anymore. You're confused and wrong. The fastest (Very few of us remaining now) do get up to 5/second occasionally but not on several accs at once. No autoclicker. Autoclicker does not help.
  19. Hard to read. Eyes are bleeding. Pretty sure you're on about charm limitations for indi.

    A gr8 idea is 24/7 indi, where you can cast anytime during the day and match up with the same system - with a max of like 4 wars a day or something.

    Issa decent. I think more would war.

    Also, have Lowland like 4 hours - so you can war anytime if you want, but a max of 3-4 wars per each.
  20. Those that war a lot should be rewarded with equal equipment to those doing ebs