easier mithril and gems

Discussion in 'Wars' started by Nick2, Aug 26, 2012.

  1. It should be easier to get the important stuff , like gems and mithril .
    I think it should be that every month u get 4 gems and 1 mithril , don't u think? The devs should make a fair update like that . OR it can be like every day u get an opening bonus of
    4 gems , or 1 mithril , or even 10 million gold . Post your ideas and try your luck in feed back .
    - anik
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  2. It was like that before
  3. OP just leave, please leave
  4. no....I can say with confidence it wasn't like that before.
  5. What are gems?
  6. he means crystals.
  7. Ah. My bad. I'm obviously the thick one here then op...
  8. Pro-tip: if you haven't played the game for more than a week, and you're stats are 100x smaller than hundreds of other players, don't make suggestions.
  10. Yea it's gonna pay for my next upgrade. 
  11. It adds up dude 10 million is LOW but it adds up
  12. Adds up? So every 10 days I'd get what I'd make hitting an EB 3 times? Great. And every year id get 3.65b, amazing, that's like quarter of a days work.
  13. Even after a year, 3,650,000, won't be much.
  14. Well a mithril and gems would do nice ! 4 gems a day
  15. Yea thats great 4 xtels everytime i open the app or maybe items and a trillion gold too
  16. No just no your a noob, op GTFO