Earn free Nobility points through watching advertisements​

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  1. Id watch this all day for nobs XD
  2. I'd advise going back to school Vital. Your math is pathethic.

    And why does every moron that responds on here never read anyone's Whole replies? ~ IF you are going to respond, LISTEN TO WHAT THEY SAID FIRST!! <-- you just look like an idiot when you reply to something that doesn't accurately respond to what they said. FFS, show some intelligence. Thanks
  3. Support, the last 5 offers I've completed haven't given me anything. I've done the same one multiple times just to see if I messed up somewhere but didn't work any time. Not only that I emailed customer support and got the first reply but they wouldn't reply after that. I'm done trying to earn nobility through that reward center.
  4. Assume someone is taking 15cr, an reasonably light amount. That's 15h/wk in class, or a bit more with labs. Most places recommend you do 1-3h/cr outside of class every week. That's 15-45h of extra work, plus 15h in class, so 30-60h. The midpoint of that is over 40, and that assumes someone is taking 15 and not 20cr or so.

    Most students are required (or at the least heavily encouraged) to do extracurriculars--clubs, sports, comittees, etc. Add another 10h/wk there, which is likely a low estimate. Also, many student schedules simply don't have space for work shifts during the week, because classes are always at inconvenient times. Weekends are open, but may be required by other commitments.

    Jobs don't always cover luxuries like games. I am taking 18cr, and also work 26-36h/wk, and still have yet to buy the $20 beginner's pack, because I can't justify it. I also do 80h weeks at a minimum, between school, work, and other (light) committments (because I don't have time for more of them).

    I'd definitely causually run videos on my phone without looking. Just glance over once a minute and tap to a next one while studying or something. Free nobs for an action that helps keep me focused (i.e. I know I work better with very brief, but consistent distractions, because I try to accomplish as much as possible between each one, instead of mentally wandering off).
  5. I haven't read all of the responses on this thread, but I would like to see nobs as an award for the event system. That would be sweet.
  6. You know what else is sweet?
  8. 60nob in 2h is $3/hr, for doing nothing but drain your phone battery. Not bad, really.
  9. if you give 2 nobs per 30 second add thats 120ads in a hour giving 240 nobs
  10. As usual, everyone's missing the point, does anyone know how much the debs would make per video watched?

    Other games where videos are implemented the premium currency isn't worth anywhere near the around 15c each (AUS) that we pay here. My guess, and it's only a guess is that adverts would only pay 2c per view or at the very most 5c (I don't think that's likely). How do you split 1 ad into a third or a fifth of a nobility point?

    but even if they were paying 5c and managed to split points up. that's an hour and a half worth of ads for 30nobility. Just for the devs to break even, not to mention the uproar from the players spending their hard earned money on the game like we have already experienced within this thread. (These are also the players currently keeping the game alive)

    Admittedly, the devs could also inflate the premium income to accomodate for ads but that still doesn't fix the other problems and gives people another thing to complain about.

    And while one of you has mentioned that your happy to wait 4 hours to get a single seal, majority of the population will be outraged that it would take so long causing yet another issue and more negative stigma towards the game and the devs

    I believe these are the reasons the devs haven't implemented it into the game
  11. If the devs just did an occasional nob drop in 1 of these many many many promos just to offer something a little different would be greatly received.
  12. How do people complain about things that actually work and are free
  13. Pimd has ads so not sure why they wouldn't do it here.

  14. Because they will think it's an unfair amount of time for such a small reward
  15. Support, but hourly limit
  16. OK so I downloaded pimd and had a look since I can't remember. You watch the adds for tokens each add is 20 tokens when you get 100 tokens you can do a spinner thing that gives a number of different pervy items.

    So here it could give seals, horns, aqua and inferno, circles, gold etc.
  17. Support Ive tried at least a hundred free nob things on both andriod and ios NONE OF THEM WORKED
  18. A better reward System for free players, would be Nice, Also please make The sale of The Day more than 30 min, Or have 2 x Day, sometimes i wanna buy The Promo, but if i am busy for example driving i cant buy It in that time, When i come back The sales, expire. Ty devs And please no more events, Lets have a B2b ZTA And make older eB drop better rewards, for example were still hungry for a lot of inferno And Aqua ..