Earn free Nobility points through watching advertisements​

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  1. Idk about the rest of the KAW members, but I like how kaw offers free nobility points for every survey or game u download. But sometimes it can be a real Hassel. Some surveys don't work and it leaves you fighting to prove that you did in fact do it. So why not make it easier? Why not make it where we can watch a 30 sec or one minute advertisement and receive one Nobility point for each one. No Hassel, no waiting, no trying to prove you did what you know you did. Just a idea. Alot of other games have this feature and would be better for players who don't have time to fight with support team.
  2. Because that takes 2hrs for 60 nobs... I've earned over 800 in the space of an hour before.

    Admittedly it can be a right mess around but if you go for the right offers it generally works out. The best ones I found that near always work and have decent payouts are the free trials... sign up to them and ofc cancel before free trial is up
  3. There's also some that you need to pay for but are really worthwhile imo... that ofc is no good for f2p players but if you're ever going to make a purchase... have a look down that list as you could potentially double what you receive
  4. Those videos usually have a cool down period after you've watched a certain amount. So it would take longer than 2hrs.
  5. Usually.. not always. So it could well take 2hrs
  6. How about making it 10 nobs for 2min tops.
  7. Only one nobility offer worked for me in a span of a month. We don't get the same offers.

    Ive stated ads for nobs for over a year ( on thread basis) but longer even so.

    I would gladly watch any ads of any length for nobility. 30 nobs for 2 hours?

    I dont even get any nobs at all. 4 hours for a seal. I would do it.

    - That 4 hours could be broken up over a day or a week. Theres literally no downside to this.
    #Tapjoy ftw
  8. Support, I have gotten over a hundred since these offers have came out but it is tedious and hard to find a working offer if you don't want to share all your info. Videos would be a good option
  9. How little do you value your time bud? I'd never trade 4 hours of my time for a seal, that's crazy. In fact, it's just pure lazy... get off that ass and go work for 4hrs... you could buy 5 seals even on minimum wage lol.
  10. So your telling me that you cant get 4 hours from pooping, showering, eating, 10 min when you wake up/ sleep in a week
    Notice i never said 4 hours straight.

    What about full time students who literally have no time to work a conventional job
  11. No I couldn't because I still have better things to be doing in them times. No... lazy full time students don't have time for a job. People who pay for it themselves without mummy and daddy's help generally need to
  12. You mistake me. Parents don't pay for my scholarship. My scholarship remains my scholarship because of the work that ive put into it. What are you doing while you poop thats important. What are you doing whilst showering that you cant have your phone run ads (you don't even need to watch them)

    Back on topic
    Ads for nobility is a great option / idea
  13. I read on the toilet.. reply/sort emails. As for the shower? I wash myself? No ads are goi. To continuously play through themselves.. so either you have it in the shower with you or you are getting out every 30 seconds to start another?
  14. Find the right current offers. I have earned a few thousand nobs from these offers.
  15. Yep, a better use for your time than what others are suggesting. People are just lazy and would rather a zero effort way to gain the nobs.
  16. Support Suptis

    *A word to the wise vital- Full-time Student <-- Spends more time and effort than most full-time Jobs. ~ That's 12+ credits each term. The Rule of thumb is consider that for every class (12+ credits would most likely amount to 4-5 classes [dependent on courses] per Term- roughly 11 weeks) , You will spend 2-4 hrs in each class alone per week. add another potential 2-3 hrs outside of each class for homework per week- term projects, etc... Not to mention the Very important funds granted by scholarships <-- Another few hrs a piece, and noone signs up to do just one.

    Lazy? ok. *mic drop*

    **Edit** Why does this bother anyone anyways?? FFS! Keep your precious "sign up" ads, and just ADD "video" ads. <-- Call me dumb... but am I the only one that sees this as an option?? *mic drop* *again*
  17. So at the maximum you spend 30hrs per week for your education?  and you're saying that's a lot? Yeah.. if that's a lot for you then you are lazy. I've worked 80hr work weeks.. I've known people to do the occasional 100hr work week. If you can't fit some sort of work into your busy 30hr per week schedule then you're going to have problems in life.
  18. did someone say Hassle?
  19. Maybe they can introduce a quest a day that once u finish u get 1 nobility