Drinking and when to stop

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  1. Stop drinking once liquor starts going down like water 
  2. I had that happen once. All this shitty vodka tasted like water and I knew I should've stopped but I didn't then I blacked out.
  3. u stp drin king when u ca'nt

    spel right
  4. When you swerve to miss a tree that is actually your Air freshener.
  5. That sounds like you're high nit drunk haha
  6. I stop drinking when i have real problems.. Dont want to Mix those up
  7. I usually stop when I realize I was smoking PCP instead of drinking
  8. U cant smoke pcp u eject it
  9. Or when you use it to lace pot/tobacco/meth/chew/anything you fricken want. Then you do whatever and get the PCP.
  10. We should have an annual day on kaw where everyone plays while on PCP
  11. ....we don't already?
  12. Shouldn't that be the exact time you should start drinking?
  13. When I get silenced for singing in wc.
  14. Stop when the devs do low land wars is the cause of to much drinking
  15. I stop when I've run out of beer.
  16. I found that my inability to limit alcohol consumption during a night of drinking often led to various negative consequences. Blackouts were a common occurrence.
    Ultimately, I quit drinking altogether, because I not only wanted to overcome my dependence on alcohol-induced loss of inhibition to participate confidently in social situations but also wanted to have a healthier lifestyle, which included more changes than my quitting drinking.
    Note that my experiences are just that--my experiences. I don't mean to suggest that any one else should avoid consuming alcohol; I only mean to share my personal experience on the matter.
  17. I'm down. Sounds like a fun time.
  18. Doom good for you! I'm glad you were able to do that.
    I think I'm headed down that path so I'm stopping early enough where it won't be that big of a problem... but only until the end of the year :p