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  1. Bring it on!! Haha
  2. Arrest this man!
  3. I tRansmutted some of the do not transmute because no one does those ebs anyway
  4. Bumping for a player :)
  5. Thanks CH0C0LAT3!
  6. I showcased on alt and got items again. However % based give no shown bonus once showcased but look good
  7. This is correct. After you you transmute equipment that is dropped from and eb, it will re-drop so you can recieve it again. Just look at my account. I have around 20 thunderous hooves. Also, a percent based equipment gives zero stats as a transmuted charm as you noticed:)
  8. I still accidentally did the helmet lol
  9. you can redo the eb that drops what you transmuted, to get it back again, however, some times it's easier just not to transmute most of them lol
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  11. Bumping for a player
  12. Bump cuz I was curious about wtf I can get rid of lol.
  13. may as well transmute it all cos your equip is bad anyway ;)
  14. Does the percentage equipment do anything transmuted ?
  15. No the percent equipment does not give any stats when transmuted
  16. Bump helped me a lot
  17. Don't you tell me what and what not to transmute
  18. but what if I want to...?