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  1. So as everyone has points out, once an equipment drop from an eb has been turned into a charm, it can then be re-dropped from that eb and they will stack the more you make into charms. However if you don't want to be stuck redoing low paying time consuming ebs for bad equipment, just don't transmute the following equipment.


    This thread will show each equipment needed for certain stages in an eb so for example stalwart helm is needed in Cave of Riches. If you transmute it, too bad so sad, your can't hit that phase any more lol

    Some equipment also doesn't give bonus stats in charm form. For example, Armor of Eternal Fire will give a 5% equipment bonus to Spy Defense however as a charm it gives nothing. This seems to hold true for all percent based equipment as well.

    EPIC BATTLE-------Necessary equipment
    Zelgarad the Accursed----->None

    Tier 1----------Necessary equipment


    Cover of the Night------------>None

    Kingdom Assault-------------->None

    To The Chamber-------------->None

    The Depraved------------------>None

    Revenge of the Warbeast--->None

    Tier 2----------Necessary equipment

    The Awakening------------------->None

    The Despair----------------------->None

    The Forgot Ones----------------->None

    The Reckoning------------------->None

    Tier 3-----------Necessary equipment

    Abandoned Kingdoms---------->None

    Foreign Territories---------------->None

    Battle Royal----------------------->None


    Tier 4-----------Necessary equipment


    No Mans Land-------------------->None


    The Destroyer-------------------->None

    Tier 5-----------Necessary equipment

    The Haunting--------------------->None

    No Quarter------------------------>None

    City of the Dead----------------->None

    Figure of Death------------------>None

    The Haunting: Escape--------->None

    Tier 6-----------Necessary equipment

    Talons of Carnage-------------->None

    New Growth---------------------->None

    Scionic Storm-------------->Searing Sickle[​IMG]

    Sporavek's Revenge------>Torrent Talisman[​IMG]
    ---------------------------->*Abyssal Blade*[​IMG]

    ***note*** on Sporavek's Revenge, the Abyssal Blade allows you to hit two bars at once although it is not necessary or required.

    Tier 7-----------Necessary equipment

    The Barren Orchard------------>None

    Terrain Travail-------------------->None

    Crossing the Threshold-------->None

    Cave of Riches------------->Stalwart Helmet[​IMG]

    The Gilded Lord----------->Vermeil Breastplate[​IMG]

    Tier 8-----------Necessary equipment

    Storm the Palace--------------->None

    The Viper's Den---------------->None

    Desert Sting---------------->Ring of Illusion[​IMG]

    A Cold Calling-------------->*Stingpoint*[​IMG]

    ***note*** The equipment Stingpoint is not necessary for A Cold Calling eb however more damage is done when equipped.

    Tier 9-----------Necessary equipment

    The Vanished Paladins--------->None

    Tier 10---------Necessary equipment

    The Frozen City----------------->None

    Wasteland Wilds---------------->None

    Glacial Squall-------------------->None

    The Sleeping Giant------->Sun Flare Bracers[​IMG]

    Tier 11---------Necessary equipment

    Smoke Signals------------------>None

    The Summoner------------>Bloodless Helm
    ------------------------------------>Talon Ring
    --------------------------------->Stabilizer boots[​IMG]

    A Familiar Foe------------->Tarragan Gloves
    --------------------------------->Mesmeric Ring
    --------------------------------->Dragon Minion[​IMG]

    A Sacrifice of Flesh------>Dragon Scale Armor
    ---------------------------------->Jaws of Death[​IMG]

    Tier 12---------Necessary equipment

    Lignabelua of
    the Lowlands-------------------->None

    Ghomorax of
    the Highlands------------------->None

    Tier 13---------Necessary equipment

    The Labyrinth of Zoma-------->None

    I do apologize for any errors in bb codes and how simple and plain this looks. I'll add pictures for each equipment piece coming soon.

    Wall me for any question, comments or concerns as I may or may not look at the comments on this thread lol
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  2. Good information for those like me. Hope people read it before they transmute.
  3. Great post especially for newer players. Pictures look good and the colors pop:) nice thread??
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  4. Good post, great for quick reference, ty for a useful thread, looks great
  5. Nice one poppet

    -GRIZZY- for VK
  7. You can just get the equip again
  8. Should have done your research before doing this thread because you can get them over and over again and they stack
  9. They stack but you have to remember how long it took to get some of the old equip grinding on poor paying ebs to get them,then dealing with the constant resets when enchanting them.
  11. Yeah that's a lot of aqua and inferno lol
  12. [title=black+white]it drops again, not the end of the world[/title]
  13. Do you remember how long it took to try and get the Scrag eb equipment? You'd have to recollect all 8-12 scrolls again. It's much easier to just don't transmute the items need for ebs and transmute event equipment, which will give better stats anyways, or Mithral equipment.
  14. Like was mentioned already. People can transmute if they want. If they want to grind again for the piece (which was fun for some) then so be it. If you want extra perm stats then go for it. I for one can't wait to see b2b TBO clans again lol
  15. Lightning bow, here I come, in 9 months I should get it

    I was sad the trans bonus was really terrible on that

    As we do more br we will get the drops again, until then lot of people are saving their br equipment

    I'm going for quantity not quality so I'll probably never hit those bars again
  16. Yeah I transmuted everything lol except % equip maybe I'll regret it oh well
  17. I have gotten another two hairy hooves since the update :D