Do Moderators really serve a purpose or are they out dated?

Discussion in 'Other KaW Discussion' started by Domo, Sep 25, 2018.

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  1. We do need moderators. This a game that allows children to play from the age of 9. And although there’s a report option it won’t always get used when needed. I do think ATA needs to find a better way of selecting mods though as some have used their power for personal gains and are shown favoritism when they should have been punished for whatever infraction they committed.
  2. They should have a Head Moderator to keep an eye out for the other mods if they abuse their responsibility
  3. The game most definitely needs moderators speaking as a parent some of the things that gets written in wc, walls banners etc I would be horrified if my 12 year old saw any of that (he isn’t allowed to play kaw) yes sometimes things are missed in the wc but can you imagine this game especially without moderators?  no....
  4. By this logic, why has ATA then avoided mods in all their latest games? The report button seems to do a much better job and guess what? It's unbiased and objective, because the person at the other end is an ATA employee and doesn't play the game they moderate.. Which ensures fairness.

    Simple. The mod program was a bad idea, players cannot stay objective and police the very player base they play the game with.
    We've seen a ton of mods abuse their powers and do a whole lot of damage to kaw. Heck, one of our ex mods even ran an account selling store lol.

    I believe my post (first post) on page 2 sums it up.
    ATA wised up and phased out the moderator program on their newer games and those games are all the better for it.
  5. I would like to think that the social aspect of this game does need to be moderated.

    I don't think that moderators abuse the powers as they are governed by the same rules as everyone else.

    I do understand that this is a war game and sometimes we are at war with eachother from time to time.

    However being a moderator I signed up to be impartial so I keep my pvp and war aspect seperate from myself being a moderator.

    I can attack people no problem that does not mean that I would avoid helping any member in KAW including those that are on the opposite side of war.

    I personally would not avoid helping anyone thats what I signed up to do. Thats what I will remain doing.

    Moderation of public forums is just a small part of the moderators role, we are here to help everyone regardless of circumstances.

    If any player feels treated unfairly by a mod then you can also inform devs and they will listen and act accordingly.

    Somethings are not moderated like PM, CC so what happens there is private.

    Looking at other games with zero moderation it seems that the social aspect is completly different to this in kaw.

    We have a responsibility 100% and power should not be abused by anyone. However devs do have logs of our actions and can see what happens with ease. We do make mistakes but I would like to think we own up to them. We also learn something new on a daily basis. We dont always get it right but thats human nature.

    I feel that the comunity do have a massive influence in this game after all with out it we have no game.

    We can not please everyone. If you ever want help I am a PM away, if I dont have you in PM then I have a wall. If I block you we have other mods there is always someone to help. The same can not be said for other games.

    Great topic Domo!
  6. Can you answer the question unbiased? You gave an Moderators’ answer. This game is the only one I know that still has mods....all games have the same tou and starting age.
    I do understand about your parent statement. That is the parents job to monitor what the child does on line not the mods.

    Keep the posts coming guys. We are actually getting different ppl posting.

  7. Per Domo’s OP, this right here is why the player aspect shouldn’t be intertwined with moderation.
  8. Thanks Dave

    I can find fault in everything you posted here, but I really need the more community input on this topic. It’s fine that the mods are some what posting their reasons why kaw needs them.
    Again I need more community input. I’ve heard the copy paste from the mods in every thread.

    Thanks for the post though.
  9. You are welcome, to be fair I am also interested in the opinions of the wider community because it does seem that there is room for improvement. Maybe we can bridge the gap between mods and our player base.
  10. 9 yr old starting age is something of concern, but that’s the parents job to monitor what online games those kids play. Easy you just share the Apple ID so everything they download also downloads on parents phone.
    I completely agree with the selection process for mods. It’s basically answering questions in essay form at least it was in the past. I have also witnessed the behaviors and cover ups that’s caused for your concerns. Past and now the present. I believe it is hard for a mod to walk that player mod line. They already have a “team leader”’s a dev. Seems that something needs addressed there.

    But any who great post. Keep it coming.
  11. Well I don’t play any other online games so I’m literally just giving my own personal view in regards to this post, yes it’s a parents job to monitor of course.. But again occasionally things can be missed hence why I feel it IS important to be moderated maybe I would feel the same about other games also who knows
  12. Spud you would be the only one that has never sampled any other games during your 5 yrs here. I’ll take your word for it. The only experience you have is this game and you being a mod.

    Thanks for you post. I can say yours will be taken in consideration
  13. I’m still wanting to hear from the community.
  14. YES MAN!!!

    If not a mod alt then mod butt kisser which is worse
  15. I agree with Rammy overall on this, I think mods are a face to Ata Kaw in alot of ways, I think as the developers and support team dont have time to tend to alot of the social aspects of the game its good to have those that are willing to take on this task, that can regulate and monitor knowing the rules and standards and holding to that, yet they play the game and get to know the community as well. I also feel they not only represent Ata team but also are able to represent the community to Ata team when needed. In getting to know a few of the mods I have found they are people like us all that have rl, family's, work, and just everyday busy lives but care enough about the game and community to serve it voluntarily in many vaucets. As I feel and in some cases have found they do alot more behind the scenes then I think any of us realize.

    I havent played but one other war game and it was a bit different layout and had alot less social aspect to it, so to be able to compare it to kaw would be difficult, plus I wasnt as involved in it either so I wont try to compare.

    But, Im glad Kaw holds to standards and their TOU, I do feel mods are a important part of helping to do so as well as help in the other aspects mentioned above!
  16. Well Stacy. We don’t know if mods represent the community to ata yet. We haven’t heard from a majority yet. So far most green,blue and a handful of players. That doesn’t represent the community. The purpose of this thread is to hear from the supposed majority that just love one side or the other.

    Your post will be taken in consideration

  18. Your defence of the tou just shows how delusional an out of touch you are. It’s common knowledge the tou is regularly abused by the mods because of how much of a gray area the tou is they constantly manipulate it. It’s a common theme you lame ass vk’s and the mods all say the same thing. Are you that afraid of them taking away your vk like they did swabia? You’re a joke
    You said a lot of other false things in your post but that would take me too long to argue.
  19. Hey stay on topic. I agree with you shifter but this isn’t the thread to bash. The foremost purpose is to see where the majority is on the subject
  20. I’m going to reiterate that again because it seems as if it’s been skipped over.

    Things that the developers don’t have time for, for example: a player asking how to trade something or where the mage is at, they turn that responsibility over to the moderators to answer those questions. They also expect player mods to be unbiased when asserting punishment for violations that are vague and/or unnecessary. So, by placing responsibility on select players, ones that have a bit more authority and can punish at will, they have created their scapegoat. I understand moderators are real people, but that does not excuse some of the behavior many players have experienced from the select moderators.

    They don’t really serve a purpose other than keeping vulgarity and bullying/bashing in check and to answer questions that any regular player could do if we weren’t so limited with speakers. So nearly no purpose whatsoever.
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