Do Moderators really serve a purpose or are they out dated?

Discussion in 'Other KaW Discussion' started by Domo, Sep 25, 2018.

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  1. Do mods really serve a purpose or are they out dated?

    Hey forum nerds I’m writing this thread as a think piece whether or not moderators serve a purpose in this game anymore. Somewhere in the middle of my 7years in KaW I took a break and ventured out into some other online games. Similar war games where things can get heated and world chat was actually world chat. It was to my surprise that I saw in wc a bypass. I waited for a moderator to bash the guy and silence him. The player kept posting and had long conversations with others in wc. I was a little freaked. So I tested it. Dropped a F bomb in wc and waited. Nothing. So I asked my clan members ......what the hell?
    The response I got is that there was no moderators. Shocking especially coming from a heavily moderated game I didn’t know what to think.

    All the online games out there pretty much has the same tou with self moderating, but ata may be the only with the old practice of actual Moderators. You know the green army. These other games I speak of have the blocking capabilities, you could get froze out pretty fast I’ve seen it happen. It was very much self regulated. Kaw has those capabilities already. I as a player can report inappropriate content to the devs by just holding on the post and following the prompt, or I can block a player. Many of you guys play other games and have had the same experiences. So I pose the question.....

    Do moderators any longer serve a purpose in KaW ?

    Now I ask that all of you posting share your experiences from other games and then answer the question. This thread is not a bash on certain mods but more of a debate on the position of mods. Let’s face it it takes a special someone to volunteer and then put up with say someone like me. LOL, but that’s how I want to play and I’m having fun doing it. This is and will be a major debate played out in every part of this game forever. I’m posting this to have the both sides comments heard and maybe put this debate to rest. So I ask for this not to be locked and let alone to play out. It’s a question to the community about their experiences in a non moderated vs a moderated game.

    Please stay on topic. Let’s not give the ammo to lock.
    Please share this with many. I’d like to see many comments as possible in this debate.

    Domo thanks
  2. I think mods should be able to permanently silence forum moaners

  3. And off topic from the starting gate.

    Has nothing to do with op at hand. Please again stay on topic and feel free post answer to the question and why?
  4. When i left kaw i played another game. It also had no moderators and the sick an nasty things that were said they got away with for months. They would spread lies and claim.someone was a pedo and slander them and not long and all worldchat and friends were spreading and taunting it and turned everyone against was sad to watch.So i have appreciation for kaw mods who keep it so nobody can be bullyied and slandered. People can enjoy the game better and in a more relaxed frame of mind. Knowing if anyone cruelly crossed the line then they would be quickly dealt with.
  5. Thank you roni. I see your point and I also saw some of that. It also goes both ways here as well. That being said it also depended on what alliance you had joined. Most games had 2-3 prominent alliances that helped with the regulation of what you speak of , game time and rl time is very different as a week in game time is forgotten.
  6. The answer to your question depends on what you expect of moderators.
    In my opinion, moderators aren’t technically “required”. The game would function with or with out them.
    HOWEVER, even though moderators aren’t required, they actually DO make the game better.
    Moderators spur on discussion in WC, and are, in my opinion, kind of like face of ATA. They are community standard bearers as well as ATA representatives.
    Although moderators can delete threads and silence players, their real value to the game is the public relations that they offer.
    Moderators offer what I call a “halo” effect, casting a positive light on a social game.
    Now, if you hate mods, then, you can disregard this post out of hand, but, for the most part, moderators are embraced by the majority of the community and they serve their function well.
  7. Thanks for the post. We all know why I have disagreements and can debate you out right. What I see interesting in some of your response is that you feel they spark conversation in wc and that the majority of kaw likes the position. That’s exactly what I’m doing here....find out what the majority has to say. I dislike certain mods -made that clear as to whom- not the actual position per say. I’m trying to find that majority and tap into that. Great response for sure.
  8. Notice how more popular games than this old outdated game don’t have mods because a simple report button suffices. This game has report buttons and it still has mods, interesting. The mods are nothing more than the devs mouth piece echo chambers. They blindly follow the devs and hype up events and things the devs do(which isn’t much) even when the majority of the feed back is negative. The mods are basically dogs that get abused by their owner(devs) and keep running back to their owner. Imagine not getting paid to moderate a dying app.
  9. A report button would suffice but it does require thr devs to keep a log of every text sent in this game and by whom it was sent by with time stamps.

    That information would then be readily available to a support team who would receive the report and take proper action.

    The moderators take most of the heat away from the support team in a sense. Especially if there isn't a large support staff.

    I'm not defending the mods nor arguing against your points, I'm just throwing out a bit of info how this one aspect of the reporting system would work without the mods @Tzshifter
  10. Most people would call that being a representative. Is it bad having players help plug the work developers put into it?
    How do you know what the majority wants? Do yo actually have access to that data? Forum does not represent, by any stretch, the “majority” and neither does your clan. Game developers know far more about the majority wants than any single player. Their mortgage payment depends on it, and each click we give during an event provides a data point. You speak loudly about things on which you know very little.
    I’m sure that if modding sucked there would be no mods. No.....more than likely, the people who mod enjoy a nice relationship with ATA support staff as well as the community large. They continue to moderate because it’s both fun and rewarding.
    How many years has his game been around? 9 years? 10 years? It hasn’t died yet. It isn’t going anywhere soon.
    On a side note, i find your trolling to be rather dull.
  11. I'll say this.

    There is a reason why ATA phased out / stopped the mod program.

    They learnt after their mistakes on KaW.
    SMASH had secret mods, no one knew who.
    Heckfire, ATA were clear from day 1 beta that there will be no mods.

    Why? Moderation is what has gotten kaw to the pitiful state it is.

    Look at it this way. If you were a mod in a major OSW and if even by using your mod powers a lil, you could turn the war in your favor.. You would.

    Most of KaW's mods have abused their powers. We've had OSW mods who pushed their agenda and got the opponent clan peeps banned.
    We've had EB noob mods who are complicit with illegal program use and more.
    Mod who leaked a ton of data from confidential ATA group chats.
    All kinds of mods and an abuse of power and more.

    Thing is, the mod program was always bound to fail. Humans cannot stay objective and tend to have a bias.

    There's a reason why ATA wised up and stopped the mod program in their last few games.

    Just last week, I was randomly silenced. Not complaining, but I was curious as how I had gotten silenced without playing the game. The message from KaW didn't have a reason.
    I asked support and they apologised and said it was a mod mistake.
    Lol. Really? How does that even happen? And sad part it's not the first faulty silence I've had, I've gotten many over the years.

    Players who play a game and have to watch over their fellow player base and police them, will never ever be able to stay objective. Simple.
  12. Why so much hate against mods recently?
  13. Rammy you took his statement of majority wrong. The majority of the app reviews are negative with moderators being the of the bad reviews. Just to clarify.
  14. Thanks 6 for your post. It was a point I made in the past. You especially make great points about ata other games being basically mod free. AtA feels that there other war games don’t need mods with a lot of kaw players playing them. Interesting. Thanks
  15. Anyone with a brain who can ready forums would see the mods are always sucking up to the devs even when majority opinion is opposing them on one thing or anyother whether it be new furniture or a new paid event. Rammy is obviously a mod alt
  16. I’m not sure I agree with the “take some of the heat off” the devs. If that was the case the devs should just give the moderators the job of the help ticket. They won’t. What I’d like to see kaw go back to would be x amount of mods in wc and then x amount of mods in forums instead of this random chasing players alll over kaw. Just saying.

    Thanks for your post Ashton. It helps the cause of trying to find where the majority stands.
  17. I think theirs always been a lot of mod hate. It just gets drowned out with the blind fools who think the mods are angels, the devs who blindly back the mods and the mods always sticking together. Isn’t it odd to anyone that almost always the mods are kissing each others asses? It’s because theirs power in numbers. Several past mods have been corrupt to the point the devs have actually taken their powers away. The mods nowadays are just extremely more sly and passive aggressive with their abuse of powers( I.E locking a thread for absolutely no reason and not posting on it so you don’t know which mod locked it) the list goes on. These mods have learned from the old mods not to be so straight forward when it comes to abuse of power.
  18. Maybe if folks weren’t rude, racist, just plain stupid moderators wouldn’t be needed. There are many that enjoy KaW that have played for years without being silenced. If folks thought a moment before posting and moderated themselves, game moderators wouldn’t be needed.
  19. You can’t really use this as an excuse seeing as PIMD does have moderators but there’s a whole lot of shady things going on in there. I mean, dark, demented, disturbing things. Things that should not be allowed. The worst thing here is a low-effort thread or bypass whereas there, “RP” runs rampant. And we aren’t talking about cats and dogs, mind you.

    The point is, some moderation is needed, and no one hates the moderation role so much as the person behind that role. Those that have targeted and abused due to moderation status have given themselves a bad name. For this game, I think a better filter for bypasses would help. I think a select few to watch and maintain order would help. I think some of the ones who are currently mods should not be. These have all been points raised by many players, not just me.
  20. I am a mod alt? Is that because I tore you up? Or is it because I post well? No. I’m not a mod alt, but I appreciate the compliment.

    I critiqued your post because it sucked.

    Did you read the post on the top of page 2 by 6-inches? He leveled criticisms in an articulate way. It’s like he thought about what he was posting and backed it up with examples, so I left. It alone.

    Did i rip apart domo’s post? Nope. Domo posts well, so he has respect.

    You, however, are a poster boy for lousy posting, which is why I went after you.

    People who can’t think simply troll and insult.

    (Sits back and waits for shifter to troll and insult me)
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