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  1. Damn, you guys have really done it. Bleeding a game to death.

    No communication.
    No transparency.
    Cut-and-paste events, with no imaginative creativity whatsoever.
    Clear desire to simply drain the money from the community for as long as you can.

    I am truly sad to see it has come to this. Dead forums, a lack of communal unity, and seemingly no care from the devs. The only things they ever post are the biweekly events and monthly money-hungry promos.
    Played this game a while, in and out. Most of my friends are gone. I’ll be gone as well. I don’t think many people play this for enjoyment anymore. Only because it is a habitual chore they’ve sunk time and money into for weeks, months, years. And for what? Devs that do not care about us.

    This is all for nothing. They won’t read this. They won’t respond. Good job, ATA. You’ve shown every point on how NOT to run a business. Peace
  2. That's how 90% of the world is nowadays, oh well.
  3. They actually run a great business. They gonna keep gettin money from me
  4. Okay i guess
  5. I want to say I'm decently active in the forums, and the event going out on Wednesday is going to be a new one! We're trying to mix in new events with old events so that players don't feel overwhelmed with too many differences while still keeping things fun!
  6. Thats great
  7. Thing is, you can say you want to keep it fun but you have all more than proven that you dont. All you are going to keep doing is bleeding the rich idiots :)
  8. No one cares. Leave the game if you don't like it lols

    Edit: Oh great, you did :)
  9. Winston new event is awesome and all thank you for the effort, but how about fixing and addressing the multitude of issues/concerns/game function issues before getting in over your head... we seen how that ends up...
  10. Support
  11. Players have been saying the same thing since 2012-13ish when kaw was still kicking goals in the freemium gaming rankings... I used to feel the same but I think the main reason this game has survived so long is because they don't change things up, content-wise, wierdly enough lol.

    I support what AJ said though, fixes to some of the longer existing game issues would be appreciated, as in functionality-wise i mean. It'd be nice to be able to go without having to reload the app or enter eb's through the clan page some days, and to see some smoothing out of, well and truely, commonly known problems along those lines. I think some smoother gameplay wouldn't be alot to ask for considering the simplicity of the game's functions overall really.
  12. Be careful, you can get permanent forum banned for saying anything wrong about the way the Devs operate their game. Seen and experienced it happen before.
  13. proof or it didnt happen
    There’s your proof hugs and kisses dude
  15. So a forum ban proves that? Ok real cool evidence I'll just ss my alts forum ban and say I got it because I called someone a chicken finger
  16. They also deleted the forum post calling out the Devs so there is no evidence besides the forum ban. I know I troll a lot and my word doesn’t mean much, but sometimes it’s all I got.