@Devs: reverse T7 level 5!!

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  1. Support. This is a friggin joke. None of the players asked for new building levels. What we did ask for is S5! Quite some difference
  2. Season 5 - level 5

    I see where the confusion came from :lol:

    Seriously though we went ready for level 5 but it's too late now. I personally think the level 4 and 5 builds shouldn't affect plunder at all to try and stop the inflation.
  3. Was this a VIP customer request ?
  4. They cant just reverse everything they have done, people spent a lot gold on it already from what I have noticed, I doubt they would be able to undo something like that
  5. Exactly.
  6. It could be done...and much easier to reverse now than in 2 months time.
  7. Alot of sensible players seem to agree about T7 L4 - 5 buildings rethink. Devs surely u could act on this by withdrawing T7 L5 and let kaw settle down longer from the introduction of abyss lands. All you have to do is reimburse gold spent on the withdrawn buildings. You did it in the past with those new att/def pots you can do it again.
  8. Support - no need New upgrade
  9. So you want people to have to earn the same amount of gold to build these buildings, but you want HTE removed so that people aren't able to make the same amount as you did.

    Your logic is slightly flawed mate. Either that or you are just plain stupid
  10. Some things I have noticed on all these threads, is that HTE is blamed, and the price is too much. So, why not remove HTE, take out lvl 5 and reimburse players. Then decrease the stat gains for lvl 4 and also reduce the price of lvl 4. This wouldn't be able to be implemented all at once over night, but the sooner the better.

  11. Support
  12. Wth were you smoking devs
  13. No support for removing HtE. As flawed as it may have been, removing it now would only make it take 3 times as long to narrow the gap. Even with HtE it's going to take an ungodly amount of time to do so, so why would you want to make it take even longer?

    The bigs, bc and top lb already have the funds to do what they want, so if that's an issue its a rather moot point atm.
  14. lol op put up those towers way too early. now no plunder can be earned for new upgrades....
  15. Full support remove them
  16. Just dont upgrade the buildings I dont see a problem here I have fun anyway not everyone is going to be able to upgrade these which is great let the leaderboard have their stats it doesnt matter to me.
  17. Why are the devs so silent suddenly? Normally they are all over their threads when questions are asked. Is it because they realise they made a mistake and now they are thinking really really hard how to make it undone? We can all dream a bit now and then huh.....
  18. Hahahaha devs don't give a  about the likes of you or me we are insignificant to their decisions. The top players have already done their upgrades too late they won't want to have that taken away so now it's just tough luck 90% of kaw.