Devs remove LL war on line up

Discussion in 'Wars' started by _____________MuSaNg______IDD__, Mar 12, 2019.

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  3. Lolz did you never hear of no_exceptions, I hear they are amazing and there wc is tops
  4. Love the idea of the system matching ppl for LL wars. Prevents mains from exploiting EE bonus by using alts.
  5. I can't figure out how to start a thread here, so here's my wish for KAW. 1. PLEASE get rid of the Legends "counting" drop down notification. The one that bounces down EVERY SINGLE TIME you do something. It blocks the view of troops, gold, notifications, etc., and often get stuck there and I can't get RID OF IT! PLEASE!
    2. Why do I have to tap "members" then "go back", then hit that red bar on the clan page, just to get into a clan and see the eb? I mean SERIOUSLY? It can't just be one tap to get into a clan (after they've accepted you?)
    3. Please add a search feature to kaw so I can look up clan names that are suggested to me. My version of kaw was downloaded from the Play Store two days ago, so it's brand new.
    4. Whenever I've tried to write a ticket, I just get some kind of fafal error message. Would be nice if that worked, but I'll take that as a sign.

    Thank you for any consideration.
  6. kamusta

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  7. Least popular? Yeap, 30 players per war slot
  8. I agree with Musang. I win 99% of Individual wars whenever I am war commander but my win rate in Lowland wars is not even 1% because of leak alts casted + no match ups. That's why I barely do Lowland wars.
  9. I dont see how this is a joke, the only joke here is yourself. Also stop calling me names, i dont appreciate it. This game is pg13 mr assault rifle cartridge.

    However dirty your mind is, make what you will of my name.
  10. You are an idiot for making fun of the tragedy in New Zeland. Why even mention it like that when the tragedy just happen. Have some moral compass. I know it’s online nobody cares much. Still even we are small community there are some play here from that country.
  11. LL wars were a joke from day one, I pointed that out and got a smart ass meme( in emojis) posted to my wall from Winston.. well thought out
  12. I truly hope lowland will be removed and changed to new war platform. Other way keep Lowland war. Just change the matching up like indi and KA war. This way it’s more open to everyone to cast and war. All we have to do cast for lowland war. Then we can give suggestion in WC to everyone how to build before casting to minimize leakers. It’s cheap way to change build. Should be affordable to everyone to build properly.
  13. My suggestions to this problem, would be lowering the 15vs15 To 7vs7 , this way it will be a lot easier to make war clan... in 2013 11vs11 was Good until they move it to 20vs20 and it my was let on those killer 15vs15, hard to rostered these days...
  14. I hopen ll war change soon really time consuming to make a roster
  15. Anyone notic3 the 8 missing from musang's name? Byp4ss fixed bb. Cry som3 more about yafi i like reading it. ;)