Devs please stop renewing the clock for Estoc Edge when no m

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  1. yeah i do realize that but again we never know all we know is every no match they get 14 mith which tbh isnt enough for a thread but as its made tough there is no point anyway as it is indeed a small amount, no supportsupport like i said before
  2. Exactly panda...I doubt they trying to avoid war. Just us mere mortal clans are to small when they all get together
  3. Yeah pinky is right no wonder they get no match if they are so massive so simply they know they cant war together if they want the match but they want the opposite, NO MATCH for TVP
  4. A lot of effort and time for only 14 mith.
    I imagine lb would rather be hitting eb
    I could be wrong and redstar needs 14 mithril idk
  5. Yeah will never know, lets just wait and see because there is a new update coming and well lets hope it solves all problems we had or at least half of them
  6. Yeah it's pretty lame how the devs let the lb exploit the system.
  7. First, countless threads are made about SH clans and clans being too small. Now, threads are popping up saying that clans are too big and are now exploiting. Lol

    Prove me wrong, but I'm willing to bet that any avid EE'er has gone into one clan that was warring hoping they got a no match to go back hitting HTE. It's the same premise.

    Plus, I doubt any of those LB's really need 14 mith. That's just a mere speculation though. Lol
  8. Lol noobs. It look like you don't know much about KAW, the game is not only EBs and EE wars, There is OSW ( off system war). ZAFT loves OSW cuz that's how they control the game from any player that looks to be a threat for their LBs. A OSW can last for months like the last one they had. YES they need miths
  9. What do you expect the match ups are growing with sh rosters and all they wanna do is keep there ee spell.
  10. The clan -S26TR- has always used a roster like this you idiot...they use a few lb, then the rest as ps. This way the lb can plunder without being plunderer barely and their ps can keep spies at zero. Look further back at their WAR history, not their EB history you D.A.
  11. 3B Not because u insult me that make u smarter. U are talking about -S26TR- 2 months ago, they haven't use this system ever since ( 2 Lbs, 9 ps) if u didn't pay attention to the roster, now they r using 6 - 7 LBs with 4 top 10 LBs. A match up is just impossible. You got no idea how much BFA Red, Donno, Cella n Laoda have together
  12. They aren't avoiding wars.. Red's BFA is huge and everybody else's BFA Is pretty big but they are big too so remember that too
  13. op has it right,

    Cella not in first one so they had to do it again, then again for minoan

    Should look at it before just saying no reason to do it 3 days straight
  14. and op never said it was for tvp

    Its renew ee for another 2 weeks without war.

    But as long as devs alow it, might as well sign up with a bunch of statless alts to do the same
  15. Lol it's a very valid point alot of people including the big lbs don't intend to war but just renew there ee without risking loosing a Lvl it should e monitored and the violators prosicuted instead of taking away renewal from no matches
  16. But debs will never punish there big spenders for anything lol so it's just a pipe dream to think anything will be done about this
  17. Look at this in a different angle, when we do ee we like to war with trusted friends and warriors ie meaning most of the top bll players have become close friends over the years and are in the same clan, so you are saying they must not war as a unit because they are bll players . I've come across them in ee must admit lost but it was fun having the opportunity to war against some of the best warriors in kaw like. Any way happy kaw and if anyone ever gets a ko on RedStar you will have managed the in possible dream in kaw good luck
  18. real ee you make some of your friends set out so you get a match
  19. Woah Woah woah, did you put lb players and exploit in the same thread? No way bro, no lb player does anything wrong ever.

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