Devs please modify wars times

Discussion in 'Wars' started by III_BoRiS_III, Sep 10, 2013.

  1. Keep the times that we've been used to concerning the weekend wars and let them play with midweek wars. Please move back war 10
  2. 12 wars in s1 n timings were better.. Support
  3. I actually agree with op, not everyone lives in the us and some of us would like to ee but can't as the current times suck for some parts of the world.
    Would be nice, as wars are going to be daily, to see more of a rotation that would help include many other parts of the kawmmunity. After all, it can't hurt the devs xtal sales if more ppl can participate.
  4. Support... give europe at least 5 acceptable times to war
  5. 100% support!
  6. Devs are just catering to there Continent. So yeah
  7. Just all of you shut up and go eat something like ice cream