Devs own Foxes now?

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  1. The devs disbanded the LSA clan while we had a few semi active accounts in it under the impression that our leaders were no longer using it, and we've been unable to get it back under the argument that the account that owned the clan was not active or linked to any of us playing (during the arguement to get it back. The owner of that account who was in fact active on other accounts attempted to point out the fallacy but by then we were told it's closed and nothing would be done)

    It's also not the only time we've had issues I've got alts that are so old thy were still linked by udid that own clans and when I pointed out they were connected to an email I still use that I sent those, they refuse to allow a change to get clans back. While I dislike the system. It does at least consistently tell me I'm not valued as a player
  2. This clan is one with a large history in Kingdoms at War, and is one that has seen contention over ownership and claims of who should take control of it. As such with the state of the clan we have been rejecting requests to takeover the clan to honour it's history and intentions of the owner.

    Our team made an error in judgement giving the clan over, and we've reverted this decision after discussing as a team.

    I understand this confusion and frustration, but this is the way it will remain.
  3. How about instead of you guys ( the devs ) discussing it, when you don't even play your own game, let the community discuss it and decide as a whole... Lol
  4. So what do us who were in the clan since it reopened get? Huh? No thought to us? Ridiculous if you ask me
  5. Honoring the history by letting it remain dead. Ok.

  6. This is arguably the worst arguement you could make. The clan still had accounts in it prior to you opening it to everyone, if any of those accounts are active, or any of the people who had ownership before it closed last were active. By all rights the clan is theirs whatever anyone else says be damned
  7. Well, this shows how little devs think of clan clan loyalty..or even loyalty to the game, considering they pretty much spit on a bunch of oldest players. Quite sad
  8. This game has gone down hill so quickly... Once great, now it's being ruined in every aspect... Nice jobs Devs.
  9. Wow.

    Ig next hahaha
  10. hot damn you guys understand nothing

  11. Grant, you've always been the most reasonable dev. You won my heart with the speaker changes. Y'all owe foxes more than an unceremoniously kick from their home. Make it right by them. They can't stay at foxes? Fine. Give them a new home, bring them back together, maybe a few zta and a battle cry to start them off right. Just reading this thread will show you how the community feels. Show KaW that ATA actually does love us, as a community.
  12. So you are telling us that Gamehendge did not give permission for the clan to be used again or what?

    I would say that the leadership was pretty respectful towards Game and from my knowledge did not disrespect him in any way. There weren't any arguments over ownership in clan chat. We were having a reunion and connecting once again.
  13. Remember the other ATA games that died? Clearly the devs' judgement hasn't improved one bit since those failures. Instead of learning their lesson and doing right by players, they instead come up with moronic ideas then propose it to the rest of the echo-chamber that makes the decisions. And this is the result.
  14. The devs could do foxes like they did my clan segfault. Due to inactive/reset clan holder we couldn't be let back into our clan. So I suggested support rename old segfault as IG SegFault so that I could always look back on our old clan and reminisce.

    I suggest the devs/support rename foxes to Historic Foxes and open the name foxes for the current foxes membership to allow them to continue as foxes.

    Just a suggestion that has worked before.

    (Historic) Foxes
    The Historic Foxes
    Anything close.

    It won't exactly be the same. But it's a simple compromise that could work if the foxes membership could agree to it.
  15. Community manager my ass. Yall don't even listen to the community, much less manage a damn thing.
  16. Violin emoji doesn't work
  17. Give us a list of historical clans Sir Dev, didn't know we wrote history books on this game?
  18. Foxes can only be back with Game decision. Devs made already their first mistake by giving Foxes name to Chaos. They have to return Foxes to Game. The thing Foxes old enemies still around buthurt. They would happily try to take Foxes and change name or disban.
  19. The decision to give control to another player was an error on our end. This was not something the support team should have done.

    We've reverted that change of ownership so that the clan is in the hands of who it was before. What happens with the clan is up to that owner.
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