Devs: OSW can thrive if you make a few changes

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  1. Devs: OSW can thrive if you make a few changes

    OSW is still alive, and we still have lots of fun with KaW.

    However, the developments the last years have contributed to more kaw players avoiding testing battle list or the greatest aspect of KaW: Off System War (= OSW = clan vs. clan, every member can contribute to making the other clan members kaw life so terrible their clan asks for cease fire or just do something stupid making KaW the greatest game ever).

    I have seen many forum posts and received many pm last years regarding "too much event", "too much grow focus, clan members jump out to do better grow and event eb's", "too hard to keep members in clan if no bonus for remaining in clan" and "no OSW focus from devs".

    I suggest 5 improvements devs may do to bring the fun of OSW back to KaW as well as to give bonus for members showing clan loyalty.

    Vote for the ideas you want devs to work with by replying number of the ideas mentioned below, in example "3 and 4" if you want osw banner and osw equipment.

    1. Bring back allie bombs

    Remember the good old kaw days when your OSW enemy hired your alt during strip, and then you chose "reset" on your expensive alt.

    This aspect also made the risk of hiring allies from the enemy greater than it is today.

    2. Make OSW actions a part of events

    We got b2b events with eb action most important, pvp action and ee war as bonus to those tired of hitting eb.

    I suggest that devs should "officialise" OSW somehow, so that kaw players get event drops from OSW actions as well as from eb's if performed in an "official" OSW. Devs should approve official OSW clans in order to avoid fight between two clans not in real OSW.

    3. OSW banner

    This banner should look like a war banner and only drop to members in official OSW clans after a number of successful attac & steals on the OSW opponent that still fights in that clan (must be in clan once each day = possible to help friendly clans).

    Each event 1 upgrade possible if still fighting for same OSW clan (no upper limit or max lv 20).

    Stats should be great for those staying in same OSW clan = finally make clan loyalty something valuable.

    4. OSW equipment

    Each equip event should also include a new similar OSW eq (with slighter better stats to bring OSW back = upgrade even better if still in same OSW clan to improve clan loyalty):

    A thick viking sword, a viking helmet with horns, a shield with a viking ship, a breastplate with dragon, etc.

    5. Longer brake between events

    Last 2 years of kaw has felt like back to back neverending events.

    My suggestion is a longer break after an event ends, at least 7 days and hopefully more time, before next event starts.

    Please, vote for the ideas you like.

    Fight hard, never surrender, have fun.

    MV, owner KiP

  2. Support
  3. 2,3,4 would these ideas not make it osw anymore?
  4. Just remove the Hide Allies spell or put a cooldown and there you go, OSW is back 
  5. No support

    They already have a system war, people could be casting system war with locked roster for a week and then just keep repeating it for however many years it takes

    What you are suggesting is 2 clans face off

    There are huge families of 15-20 clans squared off on each side

    By devs acknowledging which clans are osw clans, they don't recruit during osw, so it would only be a few clans getting preferential treatment

    Everyone else would be left out

    Osw actions already count towards events when they cast pvp spells

    This is just all around bad ideas
  6. Full support to all 5 ideas. KaW means Kingdoms at WAR. Devs created a unique game with so many different options for players to interact, and this is actually the best feature of the game. Ebs and non stop events are slowly killing this as everybody is running after the next great piece of equipment, (for which we thank you devs), but it doesnt leave much time for anything else. Of course events are necessary, but if devs can incorporate osw actions in the events and officialize oswars, it would definitely make the daily play much more interesting and FUN. Again full support for all these ideas.
  7. I would like to see two minor changes introduced that could significantly improve osw situation.
    First and foremost: limit perma hide spell for allies - yes Awen, you are the inspiration for that one 
    Second: increase max plunder ally requirement at least 10x.
    Those changes in my opinion will immediately invigorate osw. We finally be able to strip Awen and in return, she will be taking our 20T allies instead of 2T that in fact is a joke of a threat now. Replacing 20T from sb will at least be noticeable.
  8. Hide Ally spell isn't the issue there are lb accounts with allies open in osw won't discuss why tho ;)
  9. not KiP's problem if you dont know who yr ex-allies are  and it was yr Daman who gave me that idea.

    But seriously, when do you actually do any osw actions? Rarely coz you are running after the next great piece of equipment, so if osw actions cud count somehow in events, osw wud be more fun.
  10. You can't apply a system to something that's off system.
  12. I highly doubt they will have the return of resets, I would actually have it to where a player can buy like a spell (which can't be seen) and that spell could be linked to a Allie chosen by the spell buyer. Upon the strip of the Ally... boom ally dropped and the stripper automatically loses the gold used for the strip.

    Reasoning of not having resets are the fact that from a business standpoint each account is a player and for pr and such a larger base is better than a smaller one due to resets. There is more than just that reason but from a business standpoint I'm throwing that out there, hence why she should be able to link a bomb spell to allies. The game doesn't lose the player account but the strip on that account will be bomb fail.

    Just my 3 cents and a quick thought :)

    Yes I know this would also effect the everyday player hiring allies, either know who is in osw or use it to somewhat level out the allymarket price wise.
  13. Devs could attempt a 15-day event called "hey guys there is no more eb!!"...
  14. 2 things # 1 I agree with probably all 5 of magnus proposals # 2 black centurion is butthurt
  15. Magnus none of these things will make any difference to osw if devs don't find a way to combat botting. The easiest way to do this is to get rid of the PC version, which supports most of the against TOU practices that are ruining this game.
  16. How can you "officialise" an Off System War? :lol:
  17. It seems to me the problem isn't in the game but rather with us the players. We all know where the attack buttons are and where to find targets. There is nothing stopping us from hitting opponents but ourselves.

    We have arrived at a point in the game where we believe our relevance is based on our size rather than the amount of outgoing we unleash on an opponent. We have fallen in love with silver bars and believe they are the only way to grow or create funds despite that not being true.

    When was the last time you saw an active OSW clan not running an eb? You'd be hard pressed to find one. The reason this is, is we all want to grow. For business reasons, the fastest way to grow are eb/events. This is the path the devs have lead us upon. This of course doesn't have to be the way.

    The main point here is we all make choices. We can either hit ebs and focus on growth and building funds, or we can smash each other until our eyes bleed. After all, we don't need allies to interrupt our opponents game play.

    We shouldn't believe we need the devs to make OSW thrive. OSW can thrive and doesn't have to be because of something the devs do. It's going to thrive because we have decided what path we want to take within the game.

    There are some good ideas in this thread though. It's nice to see some thought being put towards this.