Devs break clans and call it a feature we requested

Discussion in 'Clans and Alliances' started by 3nnui, Jan 28, 2016.

  1. So here we go again. No one can join our clan until the owner wakes up. We will have less people manning the door so the clan will not run as well. But we can pay to have people to open the door again. So once again the devs have listened to community requests, completely misinterpreted those requests and tried to make us pay just to have what we already had.

    On a related note, the next update consists of kaw animating your phone and making it repeatedly kick u in the nuts until you pay it to stop.
  2. Way to let everyone know your owner is asleep..

    Sucks though.. Hopefully they will be awake soon to sort all this out 
  3. Owner needs to assign roles. Its his responsibly if you guys werent prepared.
  4. Didn't Devs post say that admin would go away tomorrow? So in a surprising twist, the Devs messed something up. Who would have seen that coming.
  5. Devs actually did a really good job with this update. People just butt hurt cause it's not given. You want something good you work for it. Although that does suck your owner is inactive 
  6. If they needed a new owner they already said that can be addressed by having the admins vote for a new owner via support. They have the tools and the time.
  7. There are always chances at bugs when new releases come out. Just wait and things will improve. If you have any legitimate issues with the new update post it on the official thread and leave examples of what needs fixing.
  8. They couldn't really release the update based on your owners sleep schedule so instead they released it just as the event pay outs arrived. Overall a better choice imo.
  9. this update was suggested by moose and received lots of community support. how many more times do i have to bump that thread? do a little research before you claim that no one wanted it. :roll:
  10. His "claim" was that ata misinterpreted the request, not that no one was requesting it btw. Though I think it might bet a bit of a knee-jerk reaction.
  11. The only feature the community was willing to pay for was xtra slots and a clan bank. Instead the devs make clans pay trillions just to man the door and start ebs.
  12. The idea of clan roles is a great idea though OP.. It will actually make it so small guys who aren't big enough to run clans stop running them because they will only be able to accept people when they are on.. They don't have enough gold to spend on a role. This will help clear out all these useless clans.
  13. You're wrong, he/she is also saying people didn't request it, look at the title of the thread they clearly stated that no one requested it.
  14. Sucks to be you, get over it and wait a couple of hours
  15. Lmao, sounds like your active members should leave and join an active clan!
  16. The devs will never implement an idea EXACTLY as it was presented by the players. Different clan structure and a gold sink was requested for months. Devs found a way to combine the two ideas together. It's not a perfect idea and it's not exactly what players asked for but they can't please everyone. And you can't have your cake and eat it to. I agree the idea could have been better structured and implemented but at least they listened to some extent.

    As to being left without anyone watching the door etc. there was a forum post about when everything would be released so clans could prepare in time.
  17. Stop with the whining, get a better owner or moves clans. This needs to be locked and op needs to grow a brain
  18. Plenty of time was given to prep for this and assign new roles.
  19. The clan rules update is trash. I encourage everyone to follow my example and give kaw a negative app store/google play review.
  20. Sometimes you have to deal with things you don't like. Instead of calling it trash or just flat out complaining, explain why you don't like it, and make some suggestions on what improvements can be made. We've had two weeks to prepare for this update, the money really shouldn't be an issue with these back to back events.