Devs... Are you serious?

Discussion in 'Other KaW Discussion' started by NotTom, Aug 18, 2015.

  1. Support, war doesn't have too many benefits which is disappointing, especially when ebs require no strategy and give out more.

    Even if Season 5 had better rewards, it would just help the build droppers get better equip, and have no one stand a chance against them.

    btw, nice award :lol:
  2. No one asked you to do season 5. I decided to skip it

    No support
  3. No support, wars not won now adays with skill, just with Inactives an spammers. This event was a good move to reatract peeps that's been loseing interest in kaw thanks to the not so fairness of said rigged wars.
  4. Tom ur getting 300 complete event thingies a win now...
  5. I support !!!

    Worst WC o Xtal call Also 
  6. I hope you all realize that the best way (in my opinion) to get the devs to understand how we all feel is to mass rate 1 star in the app store.
  7. Imagine a game where ppl warred cause they liked to war and not cause they wanted bigger and better trinkets
  8. Fiction
  9. Says the asw guru. You enjoy it? Or do you just do it for the inevitable reward?
  10. Support!
  11. I EE cause it's pretty fun, and different. Not for the rewards. Lol
  12. Overall it's stupid. Eb event mozed in with the long awaited season 5. Total crap
  13. I really dont know why you are complaining tom lol. The amount of mith you win per win just ads up to your reward. 10X more. Judging the your still on top of season lb. Getting 300 pve items per win easy enough for you to get 5k. Both win win
  14. Explains why you are a noob idiot and should from here on out hold no further opinion on the matter.
  15. Can we nominate Devs or Mods for this award?
  16. Soul dough!!!!
  17. Love me the achievement
  18. Unfortunately if what you like doing doesn't Give you bigger and better trinkets then you get left in the dust in this game.
  19. Or where people need to pay off other players on the other side in order to guarantee a win. Who would do such a thing.