Developers Won't Respond

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  1. What I have noticed with the new eb and everybody not supporting it is that the developers don't care what we say.
    We asked for so many different things, no one asked for this new eb. We asked for war fix, more free ebs, marketplace changes, etc...
    But rather then go back and fix their old mistakes, they keep going forward, making new mistakes for an attempt to fix the old ones.

    It's like they are in refusal that we are unhappy. I haven't seen any forums from the developers addressing our demands but I see forums from them making new crap that nobody wanted in the first place.

    But besides that, this new eb came out for 60$ per eb. The developers are milking us from our nipples and still never give us what we want. Not fair right?

    Where does all our money go? Why don't they spend it on their employees' hours upon addressing our wishes and possibly, just maybe, actually do what the community wants.

    Give some support if you want changes to be made :O
  2. You know if you really don't like it just quit or go on a spending strike or something idk. People will do this crappy EB regardless just the way it is.
  3. The developers definitely listens to the players and try to implement the ideas we come with. Recently we've got a new updated Marketplace, Transmution, and more daily speakers (all features that have been requested for by the players).

    Some players have also been asking for a more difficult premium epic battle, as HTE takes way too short time to complete. That's why this limited EB is being experimented with, to see what the players think of it and maybe adjust it according to that.

    Keep in mind that the devs don't always have the time to respond and reply in the forums, but they do indeed read the feedback the players give! :)
  4. Support
  5. What the most feedback did community relay to devs,can u tell us mod? The community did not asking for more premium eb.
  6. Some of the community did actually ask for a new premium EB. I've seen multiple threads about HTE being way too short and that a new longer lasting premium EB is needed.
  7. You saw a few threads? I've seen about 800 threads for spy quests, free ebs, war fixes, etc. Not to lay in to ya but a 60 dollar EB isn't even close to what the majority wants
  8. It might not be what the majority want (I dont have numbers to back that either way) but if the developers are listening to even some of us thats good in the long run, it means changes are happening and we are getting an improved game to play.
  9. We asked for the 2nd bar in ph2 hte not a new EB,get it right.Oh,and who asked for a new premium EB?Oh,must've been some poor non-spenders..just kidding,must have been the big folks.
  10. Well I guess once all of you complainers start paying ATA's bills you can make all the changes you want. No one is forcing you to buy the new eb. Just pretend like it's not even there and magically you can go back to playing this game like you did 3 days ago. It's a company. Not sure why you're mad that they're trying to have new ways to make money. The more money they get out of the game, the more they can put into it, wether that's contributed game support, new updates, or whatever tickles your little fancy.
  11. So much wrong here I don't even know where to start
  12. Wouldn't the devs be dumb if they didn't listen to the big spenders?

    I 100% agree with chocolat3 the devs have been listening to the community for a long time (no need to re state chocolat3s list.)

    The eb is this simple, if you don't want to spend money on it, don't. But if you want your game to keep improving and not go stale let the devs do their thing and let the people keeping this game alive do so. It's freedom of choice really.

    I wouldn't be that surprised if the devs reduced the price of premium ebs in order to subsidise the changes, who knows, this eb only lasts a weekend so suck it up and at least know there is a new "feature" if you want it.
  13. @chocolate alonger eb yes but this is way overboard $60.00 is a slap in the face
  14. *Proceeds to Participate in New eb*
  15. The concept that --

    'developers need to pay for the expenses of their company, so its ok for them to try to monetize or increase monetization at the expense of the overall quality of the game'

    is understandable at many levels, but definitely shouldn't be a logic that is applied in every circumstance. for example, nobility and crystals are very reasonable- they are low cost, give a reasonable boost, and support the developer. hte is arguably reasonable- you pay $6 and for one epic battle you have 3x the plunder you would otherwise have* and have improved event drops.

    *compared to haunting

    I still believe that this eb does not cross the line to unreasonable, but definitely is pushing the boundaries. At some point, these pay-to-unlock eb's become too unfair and too expensive.

    Beyond just being too unfair and expensive, it creates an unreasonable gap between whales and non-spenders. Whales and spenders will hammer away at their new expensive ebs, and grow exponentially. Meanwhile, non-spenders (or less frequent spenders) will be stuck with regular outdated ebs plus a few premium ones sprinkled in.

    After the gap is too big, the nonspenders will just leave. Subsequently, the whales will realize that they are alone and no longer elite, and start spending less and less until the quit/switch over to a competing game. This eventually leads to the game completely drying out.

    The balance between providing monetization and keeping non-spenders happy is vital towards not only KaW's success, but any F2P game such as this one.
  16. Spenders and non spenders can enjoy things such as new wars and spy quests. The deva have been kissing up to the spenders for the past 2 years, not caring about wars. The majority (non spenders) would just like one thing to go our way. Transmutation messed up the war system even more then it already was.
  17. ATA is a business. They adjust to the majority of paying costumers. Simple business tactic really.