depression and other mental health awareness

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  1. Locked per op request
  2. Take your depression to a therapist

    This game isn't the place for it.
  3. 3 people in the past month?  I'm really sorry for your losses. This is definitely not something to joke about, I wish you the best with getting through this all.
  4. dood ur so cool
  5. What's with the special treatment?
    Why request the lock in the first place?
    Lots of people have lots of problems, why do we need this thread in forums?

    Support to that other guy, this should be kept in pm, no one needs to know anyone's personal business, especially in such a public place..
  6. I get depressed because I don't know if to belive in religion or not.. I think about it every day for at least half an for a few months now... If you actually think about it then you might realize that nobody is a "Bad" or "Good" person, It is impossible to be either of them the only thing we can be is Human and live in this World, we humans have created a world of our own for us... It just says a lot.
  7. Lock this is disturbing
  8. If this is disturbing to you, then why don't you act like every other human being and ignore it, unless you truly are the immature, sheltered, spoiled, basement baby you put yourself off to be.
  9. I, on the other hand, fully support this thread and everyone the topic applies to, my pm is open to everyone but the trolls, they can kick rocks. In my opinion, you really can't make an educated statement on depression unless you have experienced it for a lengthy amount of time, other than that, you really can't do anything more than offer your support to people who suffer from it, in most cases, that is actually one of the things they need the most. I currently suffer from severe deppression and the suicidal thoughts that come with it, but I'm not the one who needs the support, my willpower is stronger than most, help those who need it the most. I don't know about everyone else, but anyone who takes time away from their day to make an anonymous person's day better, completely deserves my respect.
  10. So by reading some of the responses I can tell some didn't read my entire post. I'm letting people out in the kaw world that I'm here if they need to talk and that I've been through some of it myself. The lock was because of reason to keep a certain person from trolling the thread while I took a few days off. It don't hurt the post to be locked because of someone needed to talk they can still load my profile and pm me. If I don't reply go to one of the other people who have also offered up their help. I am not asking for help I am offering my help
  11. My post was directed to everyone my statement applied to. @Op, good thread
  12. I haven't been officially diagnosed but I'm pretty sure I've been depressed for about a year. Reminder that guys have feelings too even if we don't show it. Apparently 80% of successful suicides are male. Surprising, huh?
  13. I'm throwed way off....but meds make it worse. I like the voices, they tell me to hit ppl on a tap-tap game maybe 
  14. Hitting kingdoms on a tap tap ge is fine.
    Remembering that their is a real person playing that kingdom is important to.
    Kaw has been a lifeline to many players.
    The social aspect has always brought people together.
    The fact the community sought each other out is vital to the ham need to interact.

    People always need someone they can relate to, who doesn't have to totally get it. But let that person know they have a friend.

    Most topics probably deserve some trolling. Those that affect players real emotions, people should respect.

    No matter how bad life seems to get. With life there is always hope that there are better things to come.
    With life their is a purpose. Find yours and live your life to the best of your ability.
    No matter how bad the pain, the future is worthwhile. As once said. Life is a journey.
    Life is a road. But the destination is not living.
    Getting there is what life is about. Enjoy the journey.
  15. ^ .........................
  16. 100% support.
    What the main problem is, is that most depressed people are too scared to pm anyone.. You'll not want to bother anyone with it if it's serious.
  17. I have personally been battling with depression for around a year now. I also have general anxiety disorder and social anxiety so it's harder to talk about it. I've met some amazing people on here that have helped that I wouldn't find in rl. I've contemplated suicide quite a few times and have always looked for help. Most times it comes from clan mates or friends. Fighting depression is exhausting and having people there makes it so much easier. I'm always here if someone needs to talk just hit me up.
  18. seriously

    Seriously u know how many people say they have a problem and act like the know how to help or what your going through then you talk with them they listen to only go around town talkin about your problems to others?!?!?!
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