Defender loses

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  1. This update is mixed.. The towers are now ever more overpowered & nobody buys catedrals because massive defence from towers, in the leaderboard race towers are just screwing the game & making it easy to save money.

    But you can hardly attack anyone anymore you have to have all items and heaps if allies and still 50% chance.

    I suggest a downside to towers, it's rediculous they need to make it harder I lose 110k an attack, I make 1.5mil an attack

    In my opinion they need to do something about defence towers or make it suck to get defeated with towers, it's soo easy to defend, hardly any risk. All u have to do is put up4 towers and ur set no-one can attack you you can then go soy build or attack build which both have been needed even more so u lose 2k soldiers and atack

    Same equivelant in spies I've heard. Defence items are useless there are no point they need to make even number of soldier/spie loss it's rediculous they are catering for the noobs that complain about farm but it's war farm is nothing, but in yurn I have to attack people have my strength because all my lvl have soo many towers

    made it impossible to atack own level (high level)
  2. So no-one has the balls to answer because they are happy not being attack. Remebe this is war not daisy bath peace love
  3. I've already made a thread about towers but I'm not gonna bumb it and tell you to read that. But I completely agree they say it hurts your growth but it would be so small.
  4. I've read all thread in the forums I had to make mine in combat to the update and u wanted to expand urs wasn't the exact same mine was a few issues
  5. I know and it's great these need to be changed.
  6. Agree on that. I have 18 forges but can't breake thier defense!!!!!!!!!
  7. They have changed it so you don't lose as much now
  8. They are walking on a fine line they need to fix it soon aswell towers are too overpowered.
  9. Tower provides 162000
    war catherdal 360000

    so towers still lower defense still. On the other hand each attacks will kill troops and cause defense to drop ~9000 for war catherdal
  10. Tower provides 1,620,000 one more zero tz
  11. I agree towers are WAY to strong and are ruining the fun I used to have playing this game.
  12. Agree they should limit towers to like 2 only
  13. Thank you see even the unleaderbiardians support
  14. Ive already given a feedback about this like two days ago lol...
  15. So now that defense is better and there saying that towers help won't everyone just get towers and you will never be able to attack.
  16. Thing is its very expensive so only high level players can make one lol
  17. 30m for level 3 that's nothing
  18. But that us where the problem lies it screws the leaderboard
  19. 30mil isn't the problem 75mil for guild remeber
  20. Sorry I missed out a 0. Just buy 6 lvl 3 def towers and you are invincible against 24 forges and rain of fire. It's the sad truth.