Deepmine token exploit and fixes discussion

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by jstrong58, Jun 22, 2019.

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  1. I am on athinkingape's website and I am trying to apply for customer service representative but I can not find an opening listed? That can't be right since I can't get a response from anyone there.
  2. If you are not hiring for that position you should really consider it, cause you all clearly need it. I could be great member to the ape team... I guess I will just apply for programer.
  3. Winston did mention how it was possible to find the players who bought these plates when the update came out. Plus, I believe some other major exploit was done a while ago, and was fully resolved, without any players sneaking through. I think its more of a courtesy message than a fact of people potentially being missed out, I could be wrong though.

    It appears nothing has been mentioned, yet, of "permenant bans" etc. Theyre working hard to have everything reinstated. Plus, the people at level 4/5/6 etc must of clearly known this was an exploit & used it to their own good. If they did receive a perma ban, it would be on their own doing, but from what Ive seen from responses, I doubt thatll happen.

    Give it time. Its a big thing being fixed. Winston has been updating us with the outcomes & the support team are available to update you (just submit a ticket if you're banned or concerned, they're fairly helpful on the responses from what ive had & seen)
  4. ...sigh...
  5. Maybe we could flog then or stone them to death
    Even worse feed them my step mum's cooking
  6. So I've been told this whole thing is fixed but

    1.) There's no update available to me
    2.) Build tokens are available in the Marketplace again but their valued at 0 gold and they can't actually be bought.

    So what's going on?
  7. You’ve prob tried this but try to restart your device then check for the update in the App Store
  8. This appears to be an Amazon specific issue. I will update the team about this so it can be looked into.
  9. I'm not using Amazon and I see exactly the same issue (un-purchasable tokens priced at zero gold) on Android and PC
  10. I had this issue on Android as well. Updated the game and it fixed it.
    So try updating the game if it needs to be updated. If that doesn't work then clear your game's cache. And if that doesn't work then uninstall and reinstall.
  11. Locked due to op request
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