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  1. You remind me so much of Alison, except Alison had extensive OSW and pvp knowledge and was persistent as hell, and didn’t talk as much as you, but god it was hard to keep her to shut up when she did.
  2. Assuming you know what you’re talking about
  3. Ask your friend Penguin, he might tell you if I know what I’m talking about or not ;)
  4. War isn’t just about success, war isn’t just about allies. I don’t have allies because I know if I don’t, they can’t do much damage. Also, this is a war thread. But come on Mr. 90 posts, where are your threads?
  5. That’s an excellent point
  6. Fear me as the god king Muddyhawk slays your souls
  7. Oh, I didn’t know you had to had thousands of forum posts to be relevant. I’m not a forum warrior like you sweetheart, this account wasn’t my main before. All my problems with anyone in this game I’ve solved em by burning pots and fighting, not creating stupid attention calling posts like you, dunno why it came as a surprise to you.

    Follow me and I can show you two or three tricks about true warring. ;)
  8. Will we be informed of when the war is over?
  9. You don’t have to have thousands of posts to be relevant. But bashing someone for making a thread is redundant. We used to have war threads. And because I’m such a forum warrior, I created the thread to declare war. Don’t knock my war style, it makes you look incompetent. You have no idea what we have already done to this clan, Absolet.
  10. Isn’t Alison the person who was baiting people into thinking he was a woman? Or I’m I confusing that name for another?
  11. The only Alison we know. 
  12. So why were Tangra leaders permanently banned?
  13. Yes dammit spill the beans publicly por favor
  15. Let’s keep this on topic, please. ;)
  16. Well your battle losses went up by about 150 so you’ve got the occasional bar run at you - unless Apherium has started hitting back.

    And war might not be about winning (not for you anyways) but it isn’t only about talking in forums either.
  17. Wow, 150, that’s a lot. I expected more. (Sarcasm) :lol:

    As for the thread, and the forum entirely, that’s exactly what it’s for. To talk, including discussions about war. Hence this being a “war thread”. :)
  18. So, Michael, how many members have you lost so far? 3 that I know of. Any more than that, though? We only lost one, as you’re well aware of. ;)
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