Dear Todd

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  1. I'm actually everyone's statless alt. Am I pathetic?
  2. Okay Todd no clan wants me? I am about to prove you so wrong bud.
  3. Join todds clan and turn them all against him for revenge
  4. Interesting
  5. Isn't op the fake v and war runner who had his ass kicked by skinnyminny?
  6. Ass wasn't "kicked" by SkinnyMinny. It was an unfair fight against him and decided to not hit him anymore and went back to home clan. Also i only thought he was farming my friend which is why i hit in the first place. Me and Skinny are good friends now. And as for being a fake V. I only chose the name for a humorous wall post and was unaware of him being a thing. Where did you get war runner from besides the fact that i quit kaw in an osw years ago...
  7. Yeah that's him 
  8. Thought so 
  9. This thread smells funny
  10. Yes but that isn't what happened.
  11. he just got booted again 
  12. Uh huh yes it is 
  13. The clannless look looks good on you op
  14. Technically, if Op made his own clan than he would be wanted by at least 1 clan.
  15. Clanless by choice
  16. Funny i just left a clan
  17. No I was saying that guy made the thread smell fishy
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.