Dear Bella

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  1. Roni has reached new levels of stupidity..
  2. Oh wow, way at the bottom, as a noun that’s informal, which “u pretty slick, Bella” would have the noun of “Bella”. Not slick. So, grammatically speaking: “u pretty slick, Bella” the word slick would be an adjective here. You’re wrong, Roni. If you’d come to my pm, I can advise you on grammar as well. :)
  3. Oml, guess i wasnt decisive enough. Let me clarify, i do not have a patent for real world advice bella can do what she wants. Whether or not i used the word slick correctly, i meant smooth and unstrustworthy. All good?
  4. Great, now that we cleared that up, can we focus on the main goal here? Which is to spark forums and make them fun again? This constant belittlement isn’t fun, so, let’s do this. Come to my pm for advice and you may win some prizes. Fun for everyone. :)
  5. Why do we need prizes to be active on forums?
  6. I find it quite comedic that roni is quoting dictionary meanings.
  7. I think events encourage participation. Prizes in those events greatly encourage participation. :)

  8. Oh look, a grammar cop with humor!
  9. Support :) seems alot different from all these others threads linked. And who gives a damn about old dead thread anyway? They doing anyone 0 favors.

    Also who the hell is the roni guy? Honestly I've only ever heard of him from trolling on the forums.
    perhaps you could do a session on self help? For old, now irrelevant formers like roni, who are stuck in the past...their "glory" days of kaw. Poor old fools... its a sad story really.

    But Anyway Bella....all this ive seen has given me a question for you. How does one Handle an onslaught of trolling when they have put effort into a creation...of any kind, Kaw or Real life related
  10. That is a great question, Xplicit. It’s simple really. You say your peace and be done with it. You encourage them to stay on topic. The further they continue with the assault, the further they make themselves look foolish. I don’t take any of it personally, so that helps quite a bit. If it’s warranted criticism, great, I can accept that, but trolling is something that’s uncalled for. It will not stop me from doing what I love to do, and that is to get people involved. Whether it be forums on KaW, or in real life.
  11. Roni should just make another thread, Id like to keep up with this one, but jeez that's like a thesis.
  12. Hi dread as i said above i have got some thread's coming i been working on, they just not finished yet.:) I'm just not having these jerks thinking they can insult me yet they are not known for anything in osw /pvp or even on forums yet they think they can talk down and patronise me and my friend's and other people:- that's not happening.
  13. Take your concerns to my pm, Roni. I will say once again that expansion of an idea isn’t plagiarism. No one owns advice threads, columns, blogs, or any variation thereof. I incentivized an advice thread, no one has done that before. So where is this pirating of ideas coming from? Its because you’re salty that someone else decided to go further with the idea than you originally thought.

    Now, if you need some advice, come to my pm. If you don’t, ignore this. Stop trolling my posts and harassing me. You don’t have to reply, you don’t have to participate. We have moved on, you should too. Thanks. :)
  14. Dear Bella, how does one deal with a tiny scrub like Roni that's never been in a war, only trash talks with atrocious grammar, makes up fake OSW stories and gets triggered easily?

    Ronald. Quit being jealous of Bella's thread. :lol:
    Little mosquito. Anyone who has to write a paragraph to prove they've been in an OSW..hasn't been in one and doesn't really know what war is. Coming to your..erm reputation, well most of KaW knows you as a deranged word warrior has runs their mouth non stop on the forums or world chat. That's literally the only thing you're known for, other than your lies about ever being in an OSW. :lol:
    Cute account though Ronald, I have a two week alt that's bigger. Inb4 Ronald starts talking about his "5 year" old account that's banned. :lol:
  15. Ronald, come back when you can hit me. Anything else you say is irrelevant, like your tiny account and the OSW stories you make up.
    Speaking of accounts, Ronald claims his "main" with a 5 year badge on which he did these "OSW" was banned. Nice try, wannabe. Your reputation is simple, a tiny trash talker with horrible grammar. All you do is read old threads about OSWs, copy their content from various warriors and then make up a story about it claiming its yours. The gig is up impersonator. Next you'll claim my OSW history as yours. :lol:

    @Todd, no one can come between this love. :p

    Either way, that's it from me on this thread. Nice idea Bella. I'm expecting another Ronald triage because he cannot hit any of my accounts.
  16. Is “fighted” even a word. Tia for looking into this
  17. Me and shifter had a day ban for?
  18. Roni turning this into kingdoms of slaughtering the English language