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  1. See my wall for DEADMAN and read his comments on the clan page: Honorable Cutthroats (indi war)

    I invite you all to see the sad abusive nature of some of the internet low life trolls of kaw and I do hope none of you have ever had to endure such a distressing torment in your lives
  2. You trying to sell your pet?
  3. Who's crying now trying to get some sympathy? Why so offended? oh, I must have said something really true??? When you called people idiots, was it not offending? What rights do u have to say bad things to other people then when u get it urself, u r fuming so mad?

    My name Dead Man Walking has true meaning. I have a cancer, well im still fighting it. u can wish to to make it shorter i dont care.

    Move on.Learn to take what u carelessly give others.

    Grow up and act as a mature kid.

    - DeadMan
  4. Sadly because ur an internet troll no one believes you. I find it difficult to understand why you feel the need to stoop so low on a clan page because of a game. I hope u find peace.

    Admin / LOCK
  5. Your names meaning wasn’t needed.
  6. thanks for the incs bachkeda & luckstar. go on take the side of ur biggger brother ajax without knowing anything.

    dont forget to sleep early, kids. when ur mom said its bedtime, go to bed.
  7. Oh no I’m just hitting you because your apoc, but yes troll keep talking, it’s all you can do.
  8. really the sudden incs from u because im from APOC family? lol.

    of course, just let me do the talking. u do more actions. buy xtals too.u need them.
  9. Saying what you said on a clan page was beyond acceptable in this world.

    xWarRocketAJAX<- this kid got bullied in his school and was molested by his step-dad :(

    This is not. I stand and say enough of this bs. Do we allow this type of thinking in society?

    What is so funny to this, is this asshat thinks that by attacking the character of others makes them a good person.

  10. Most know I am close friends with Ajax,we never take side's or join in on eachother PvP. All this because of a simple word was said ( stupid ) we are all stupid because we keep sighing up war's that are impossible to win 70% of the time.But saying someone's been abused as a child is a new low and unacceptable and I hope both parties can try and work this out. Please remember abuse of a child is not a joke and should not be used as one as well. I apologize for the writing and spelling after a few strokes it's a small miracle writing this much. please lock this mods we have 9 year-old children playing Kaw and we need to keep this clean Ty best wishes little teddy
  11. More need to take stance against this immoral thinking. Why do we let it go on?
    Most say ignore it. REALLY?????
    Are you that ignorant?
    Grow some balls and speak out against wrong.
  12. Locked due to OP request.
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