Dark Knights!

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  1. Know what we need?

    The Dank Knights!

  2. Perfect Venom.
  3. Don't do drugs kids...
  4. Who would you nominate as 'Dark Knight'?

    Who represents the true darker blood curdling side of kaw for you?

    Hate or admire them who relentlessly strips and wages war till the last man stands spattered in the blood and tears of the fallen!

    LaodaKingdomOfWolves two of my old nemesis for sure.

    But from today's breed...


    Who do you name as 'Dark Knight'?
  5. I would vote for
    Leo Shocker
    Red Hot Vixen

  6. Rampant_Jack
    Haze (from DKoD)
    Stosrider/ StreetHeart
    Lioness (from SE)
  7. I have some friends of mine.. I'm going to vote them too. Sounds fun hehe
  8. Bad Man 'Savage' and res-iZombieTrooper
  9. We already have a bunch of those..
  10. Vote me grrrr ,=,e mean turtle
  11. Me I’m legend
  12. Support
  13. And I nominate Ashton for being a butthurt weasel loser 

    (And I also nominate Ashton’s mom for VK ...she’s done so much for me)
  14. 
  15. dun be upsetti, todd
  16. Yeah i suggested Villaneous Knights :lol:
    these players put more into game than goody-two-shoes

  17. Ur mum big gay.
  18. can confurm

  19. Looks like lady K found a new boi friend 
  20. Hey, at least my friends aren't alts.