Dark Knights!

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  1. Dark Knights!

    For every 'Valiant Knight' there's a dark reflection lurking in the depths of KaW.

    These relentless hallowed farmers a ruthless breed, forever immersed in the bloodcurdling cries of their enemies laid to waste.

    The rare few you don't want to see when you wake from your peaceful slumber.

    Feared respected hated admired, they give no quarter ask for none.

    Don't be fooled if they lay quietly in waiting, be warned, don't provoke them! or suffer the restless unease as day turns to night when they plot your slow demise.

    The 'Dark Knights' of KaW.‭


    Who would you nominate as 'Dark Knight'?

    Who represents the true darker blood curdling side of kaw for you?

    Hate or admire them who relentlessly strips and wages war vs1 or the masses till the last man stands spattered in the blood and tears of the fallen!

    Laoda✨KingdomOfWolves two of my old nemesis for sure.

    But today's breed...


    Who do you name as 'Dark Knight'?
  2. I read the title and thought this would be a "farm the VKs" thread (like, dark knights versus valiant knights type rivalry).
  3. Great idea thrawn ...thanks 
  4. The fact Ajax isn’t a VK is part of what’s wrong with the VK system tbh. Many deserving recipients are overlooked.
  5. Hahah! I like this!
  6. Seems a little strange. There are no Light Knights so Dark Knights doesn't fit.

    The opposite of Valiant would be Cowardly.

    Cowardly Knights

  7. y


  8. Hi everyone,

    I'm Eneroh, long time forumer. Recently it has come to my attention. A forumer that goes above and beyond. Even though they keep getting forum banned they keep reappearing, like a plague. They call people stupid just because they have a different opinion to them.

    These reasons are why I'd like to nominate Todd for the first ever Cowardly Knight award.

  9. Lili suggested a similar idea also a few years ago and nominated ISS-CynderStryke for dark knight.
  10. I am confused as to how Ajax hasn’t been made a VK either tbh. He’s always been awesome within the community. And he’s deadly.
  11. Dude you cried on my wall blocked me and had my old weak clan kick me because i posted something on one of your threads that you didnt like. You’re a joke you loser.
  12. Op is not the real Ajax. Sorry to burst the bubble.
  13. Dont see why he would.
  14. And you say this because?
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  15. I have spoken to a dude and I stand corrected. It is indeed the real ajax.

    I apologise to everyone who may or may not have been affected

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