Cyber Monday Spectacular

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    I've protested a lot of stuff on this game openly so whatever bro lol idc but comparing it to the halocaust is just extreme
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    It's 2015, get over it mate. Also he is completely right, idk how you can even deny that.
  3. This is really spectacular !! 
  4. So now the devs are nazi n were helpless jews? Lol

  5. that Q4 bottom line tho :lol:
  6. That's what cyber Monday is about - promotional offers, not free give-away!

    I guess you should go to Best Buy or Wallmart and demand free items.. Just because it's cyber Monday...

    I can see the results
  7. Congrats devs I think u may have just killed the game 

  8. Top 125 for 5 years old text based game out of millions applications out there is not bad!
  9. No, I'm not saying that. Just saying taking a defeatist attitude has never helped anyone.
  10. Please add cloth /steel drops to hte and add atk and a spy ring next zta event ... Thx.
  11. I like copy and paste feature 
  12. I agree with a lot of the complaints.
    But as regard to this extended sale.
    The prices of seals are more reasonable than ever. If only this were the normal cost, maybe more would spend more frequently.

    The sale with an event questionable as we would have used seals on next event anyway.
    All the extra purchases add up to a costly eb and event. So why not aim to run this kind of promo with a 2 week event and weekend sale once quarterly.
    Thus four eb based events a year. For 8 weeks.
    Alternate in 4 pvp war based events.
    And do an extra 4 weekend blitzes when not much else on.
    More variety less repetition and better value for customers, leading to hopefully better sales.
    But that's my 2 cents worth.
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    Like what? And if you're such a protester, why wimp out on us now?
  14. Come on guys we all know how to feels to copy and paste from the web into assessments from work/school
  15. I think the way the seals and horn cost with this deal is how they should always be
  16. Dear Dev,

    Events are going cool, as it is good for fast growth.

    But i requeuest ull to hav a look on ee war side also.

    Please provide weekend short war tournament for ee lovers which can go in hand in hand with eb events.

    Plus increase mith payout introduce new rewards in ee wars. By introducing silver bar, crux etc.

    By which there will b wide open window to all kaw lovers.

    Please kaw developers, this is my humble request.

    Thanks and regards.

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