Custom Knife Making

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  1. Keep in mind that not everyone lives where you do. In my state we have no knife restrictions. It's called self defense.

  2. Felt appropriate because today is Friday the 13th.
  3. A prison shank? Can use thick plastic whatever.
  4. I live in Texas. That knife sir... Is only carried by the type of people who are looking for trouble.
  5. The spear head looking one? I agree.
  6. I know plenty of law enforcement who carry that type of knife.
  7. Wolverine wannabes

  8. This knife is a great skinning knife for large game. I have over 12 years experience as a butcher and meat cutter.

    Also, check out Jimmy DiResta on that video app everyone uses (not mentioning any third party apps)
  9. You mentioned carpentry so can you do wood work also?

    If so I would like to inquire about a walking cane / sheathed sword combo.

    I already own a non-handled baton / dagger combo and a few other interesting blades. If you would be interested in making me something as such and have examples of your wood work and design / bonding skills then we can talk. :D
  10. Sometimes the challenge is in making a complicated style of blade, or just making a certain type because it exist.

    Plenty of people collect knives simple to admire them and they have no intention of ever using it.

    The first one i really like. Good job.
  11. My wood working this far is consisting of me making the coffee table and end tables for my house. Made a loft bed for my step son. I appreciate the offer but I am not sure I'd be the best person for making you a wooden sheath for a cane.
  12. Alright. Figured it was worth a shot. :lol:

    I will have one one day!
  13. [​IMG]

    This one is about to go from paper to steel in the next few days.
    Simple yet effective.
  14. Mmmm. Steak knives. Something that fits ones grip yet slices through a nice rare 20 oz prime center cut strip steak.

    Restaurants will pay good $$ for quality steak knives.
  15. Have you tried hollow grinding a blade yet?

    Its not really needed for knives with high strength metals, but it does make it a lot easier to sharpen. Might even give a sharper edge.
  16. As only being a beginner in knife making I haven't tried tackling a hollow grind. The flat grind is extremely sharp as well. The next knife I'm working on will have a scandi grind.
  17. Seen knife made from railroad spike .he beat the first couple inches to quarter inch thickness made a four inch blade then twisted the remaining stock to give handle a spiral effect using the head as the butt of the handle

  18. Had the same knife myself, problem is it's made from junk metal
  19. What is junk metal?

    U can temper the steel if u like.
  20. Funny I see this my brother was just telling me him and my cousin are gonna be making knives from deer antlers. Wall me to get ahold of me.