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  1. Crux Keys and Chest...

    Okay.. so I think this is one of kaws most smartest moves... U can make 1 to 2 tril in a day.. With these goodies okay.. I think we all know that.. My point is that they shouldn't remove these chest.. But let us buy it for nobs yes it won't be as expensive as the seal or maybe more then the seal.. But I think they should keep this max bonus plunder.. Maybe there a thread like this.. Sorry but really.. I don't think they should remove this awesomeness... Support if u agree 
  2. Shouldn't **
  3. The biggest issue with the idea is the players who don't pay to play. They'll complain about this is a free game and everything should be fair, it will further increase the gap between lb players, blah blah blah.

    Personally I like the chests, and at a cost yes they would be even better. I give my support
  4. 50% support
    50% no support

    Keep the chests

    Don't use nobility for keys that's dumb >_> keep it how it is already

  5. Its just I think this was a promo and devs will be removing this.. I wish we could keep it some how.. And by using nobs devs make cash.. So its a win win.. Make customer happy make business man more happy ;)
  6. Support... I hope they don't remove it as it gives a better chance to grow too... so awesome idea
  7. The devs shouldn't need to charge for crux chests for a simple reason.
    We only get max plunder benefit from them on hte. A pay to play eb.
    Subsequently if you give the chests away for free the pay to play players will utilise seals and max xtals ( normally reserved exclusively on hte for the seal thrower ) as such the motivation for pay to play players to maximise their bonus is there already.
    For free to pay players the chests will add an extra boost towards their growth increasing their ability to participate at higher levels earlier.
    Keep the chests free its win win. For players and devs.
    Make it pay for chests and the cries will instantly be greedy devs it's just another cash grab.
    I honestly believe that if given away as they currently are. That this is both an incentive to pay for other features. And also the devs way to gain some gratitude by giving something back to the players that support the game and make the community what it is.
  8. No more devs happy 

    Members happy not devs 
  9. Yaessss SUPPORT
  10. I'm a sometime play to pay player. Only spending when I can afford to. But I do support this idea. Specially the fact that both chests can stack with the br plunder bonus for a max of 315%. Anyone could make a killing. And you really don't have to pay for nobs, you can always farm nobs from quests. Yes it takes a hell of a lot longer but nobs isn't really a pay to play part of the game.

    Good idea sexyblondegoddess 
  11. Support
  12. Support good idea maybe add few new drops like mithrils, nobility points and gold.
  13. Support. And mithril drop would be great
  14. Speaking of most smartest moves
  15. Support,maybe like $3