Crux Chest Weekend

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Grant, Dec 11, 2015.

  1. And earn the devs less revenue, hence it won't happen. If you limited the drops to 2 and made it's rarity like a gold crux I could see it being a plausible event, but 10 crystals is a big deal.
  2. Not a good idea :-(
  3. Devs sell stuff to people - they complain. Too expensive, what is this? Why? Who benefits? Devs throw the very same stuff at people for free and they compain again... Go figure. 
  4. Well well well let's see how many drop hopefully a lot... thanks devs. Whens our next event gonna start I READY LOL for it an some more kewl equipment so tighten up devs an let's do it.. lol
  6.  this new KaW_Admin and KaW_Com are actually amusing... Finally. But seriously, I've done 4 HTE, nobody has got any crux chests. Plus if you make an event with 4 pieces = 1 piece, I'm going to take my own life, not cool scrub.
  7. I've only seen a small handful of drops so far, would be nice to see an increase. Especially for hte
  8. Kaw_admin stop being a noob and give me a red name, and more free stuff
  9. Best part of this game lately has been the devs' forum retorts.

    Thanks for the free stuff - helps to offset the pay-to-play aspects.
  10. That's probability man, I once saw 4 goldens dropped to a clan.
  11. [​IMG]
  12. Second this.
  13. Yep, no Ragrets.
  14. 1,000% plunder spell plox!?
  15. Nothing special. It looks like SOD dropping from certain EB. Most people not interested in this Chest Weekend. Whatever I can take rest rest at least. Just kawing as normal.
  16. Omg support! Along with the 100%, 200%! Now that would get my interests ;)

    Also loving these responses from kaw admin XD so classic.
  17. Inactives, wake-up call!
  18. 3 dropped from tsg so not as bad a rate as scrolls @kaw_admincheers

    Nice to come back to a reward after surgery yahoo! ... (Tho I'll actually cheer ya when the docs say I can have booze )