CR breaking from Apoc

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  1. Still going strong 
  2. You can tell the young noobs here tut tut

    MaCHiNE's live at KotFE and also outside kotfe

    MaCHiNE is not a KotFE tag

    Get yourself some history lessons 
  3. Who’s sad enough to actually want to learn the history of a clan tag? I think you need a break Vix, maybe learn something important instead.
  4. Says the little alt made purely to make his main some charms

    awesome lyfe skillz bruh
  5. Doesn't really matter eh. The game is almost done anyway.

    All we got now are players making 100+ alts to farm charms using the 0 build max drop glitch, via certain programs. Max a year before the plug is pulled.
  6. Been on me holibobs and missed this news until now...good to see APOC imploding ...keep up the good work.

    "It must be remembered that there is nothing more difficult to plan, more doubtful of success, nor more dangerous to manage than a new system. For the initiator has the enmity of all who would profit by the preservation of the old institution and merely lukewarm defenders in those who gain by the new ones."
    The Prince
  7. The majority of these responses reek of jealousy, futility, and the general malaise of our adversaries. Obviously, whatever we are doing is working 
  8. LOL
  9. You just helped me make my point.
  10. I’ll feel sad for you when this game dies you’ll be devastated! Who are you gonna show your big stats to?? Who’s gonna be lectured about clan tags?? Where will your ego go??

  11. HiT is nothing but crybaby meatshields ...I swear I never heard so much crying when I was ass thumping y’all.

    First Fraz ...then Predator ...then CrystalLee

    The only HiT squad that didn’t cry and PM me to stop were Roland and Snow...

    So just shut up you has been ass clown ...HiTs been worthless since first Zaft OSW and that was how many years ago? (Lol)

    HiT always been Kotfe’s cheerleading squad  ...nothing more than that lol

  12. Yes whatever you are doing is working, which clan are you closing next?
  13. Hey that means I'm not blacklisted from CR anymore
  14. Monkey poo is still butt hurt from the pounding Hit members gave him. 
  15. I have a hard time taking anyone seriously that decides to name himself after excrement. :) but if the shoe fits.

  16. Yeah other way around loser what happened to diddler? Oh yeah I made him drop build and quit
    HiT queens of OSW RP :)

    ...trying to live off a 6 year old dead rep :)
  17. Sabotage was legit HiT never was anything ...trying to live off of old Sabotage rep and from being Kotfe cheerleaders :) :) :)

    Buncha has been losers ...your stupid cub clan Ragnadorks was even worse, half that clan was moles and the other half wannabe nothings :) :) :) lol

    lol you losers were T-Rekted before Lady K was T-Rekted
  18. My tags are my own and I worked and granted mine! I am a proud forthe I was in weather a victor or loss I am who I am. Tell your story then let it be. You know who i am 