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  1. Yeah, but some just like to participate. Setting aside a couple hours, putting a team together, ect..

    I just remembered there were people that would go almost a whole week without a match. Instead they got an eb. All that effort so they could do something they could of done at their home clan.

    I guess a decline option that would only be available when the match up is heavily lop sided wouldn't hurt.
  2. You idiots don't get what happened and what keeps happening. Clans 1.2b different in Cs should get a no match. Twice now seen the Devs create a match where there was a massive star difference. The matching system is FLICKED up completely
  3. To be fair, this is the risk you run in EE wars. It's like bl hits that get you jumped by players 4 times your size. It happens, it sucks, you move on.
  4. Honestly the system shouldn't even allow that much of a difference. When that kind of mismatch happens there is nearly no chance at all for you. Even if you are heavily towered and they are towerless you are fighting a losing battle.

    Perhaps a draw option would work but there will always be the clan that is happy they got an easy win.
  5. We cry about bad matches. Cry about too many no matches. Cry about inactives. Cry about pure spy moles. Cry about primal stacking. Cry about roster manipulation.

    Truth is, no matter what the Devs do, players will exploit it. It's not them, it's us. You signed up for war. You got a poor match up. Get over it. This has happened literally thousands of times. Next time it could be you on the side with the advantage. In fact, you have been on that side because I've warred WITH you when we were given the clearly better matchup. As history has shown us, you will receive no compensation. As a seasoned KAWer, you know this. So basically this whole thread is just a cry me a river, boo hoo, call the whambulance thread. Do like Elsa says and Let It Go.
  6. I find it fun being outsized. To test my towers out lol
  7. Devs need to fix this.
  8. Milky the only advantage we had was having better built players and more experience when we warred together . And I will never be on the opposite side as I will never roster 1.7b cs, I roster first come first serve, can ask anyone. Why should I need to roster 15 bc accounts for a fair match?

    And no it doesnt take 6 xtals to finish a tvd wtf lol
  10. Heard you were asking for posts from respected players.. I'm here dude .. Now .. Stop crying noob we've all had countless mismatches know they don't compensate.
  11. I don't think no match exists anymore if an even number of clans sign up. On Sunday the clan f.i.r.e who's biggest was around 1m cs matched a clan with bc builds.
  12. Maybe u Wanted a No Match?
    The way wars are today is bad, because there arent that Many clans doing EE wars, best luck in Indi... Cause normal rosters are very limited... A solution would be to revive TVP and Hope NEW people start warring
  13. Yes we can what time would you like? Stop crying and attack them.
  14. You guys are more interested in bashing and trolling than you are in the problem that keeps happening. "suck it up and move on" won't fix anything and all you guys do is cry about how dead ee is and how messed up the war system is. Why not just come to a community agreement to do draws? It's a simple damn fix and it encourages noobs to keep warring instead of being obliterated by bc players for an hour.
  15. I was hoping the clans still warring would get together and work out a fixed cs (whether big or small) but I don't think that's gonna happen.

    I don't blame u for posting here Sushi, but the devs won't lift a finger to correct any sort of war related issues. Unfortunately those who still do Primal wars r the last hope and it seems it's dwindling even more. Fact is primals will b next to die off.

    Here's an easy suggestion devs (well to most developers who actually seem to care): want more respect and less negative posts from your community?How about keeping us more informed on things! Maybe try to respond to more posts than once every few weeks. Out of all the games I've ever played, u guys r the absolute worst in communication. Even lb'ers have posted their concerns and suggestions. GET A CLUE!
  16.  This game is All about EB this days, have u seen this last months EvEnt after EvEnt, equipment has better Stats than War Equip.. People spending dollars after dollars hitting HTE, i think it depends about what The biggest Clans out there wanna do about it.. Maybe The Comunity , that means us, need to step up and fix this, today theres no loyalty, no NEW people, we need better set if players, i dont SEE any forums in The internet, or bloggs about KaW anymore, this game Will die if All those big alliances dont step up and say were done, we need new fresh blood, need NEW game mechanics... This is just another EB game im afraid.. Spenders are killing it
  17. Not the worst mismatch I've seen... Heck I've been in worse. Get over it lol
  18. Tom mad bcuz he was dumped, don't get over it. Fight. Devs are idiots and need to be tutored. They don't understand basic Economics, make me president of ATA and I could do better than the Asian Eskimos running this place. And I'm 11!
  19. That's obviously a huge mess up with matching. Stick to indi