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  1. New lands?
  2. Yesterday
  3. Add another point to wishlist please! Take away the moderator position from CH0COLAT3...
  4. Tap on the chest while in the marketplace to see a preview of what it gives. Cba to read.
  5. Hardly an original idea I'm sure. But a merchant that we can sell unwanted equipment and items to for a portion for what they're worth would be great.

    We're all sick of the clutter on our profile screen
  6. I quite enjoyed the PvP blitz from the events. Why can't you make it a weekly event? If there isn't an event running,than you should reward other things (mithril, crestplates, etc).
    This could happen on weekends and during weeks you should extend it to the battle list, without being an event, just make it the standard battle list. In terms of rewards,instead of the spell that gives mores rubis, you should put a spell that gives more plunder (but with the same rules, i.e. it can be stealed by other players) and can create mithril as well.
    Or even maybe, items that can be exchanged by equipment.
  7. When r the new lands going to be out. May is almost over
  9. I think you should have something that you can trade in building tokens that you cant use to ones your able to use as i bet a lot of ppl camt use ll tokens as they are max and same with other lands
  10. An addition to the account homepage that shows the player wearing the equipment selected. Along with total bfe.
    Also, since there is a whole section of equipment that can be purchased with mithril, it should either drop from ebs, chests, or just be able to purchase it with gold like lands, or some other way. Most don't have time to commit to ee, or just don't want to.
  11. No 1 cares what you write here, as no 1 reads here
  12. Please balance the gold output vs lands. Inflation is needed for an economy - we simply as a community do not make enough gold vs time we put into on a general and regular basis. This is excluding LB because well they are LB they obviously have time/credit ($) on their hands. 1% vs 99%.
  13. Where is zta 100%?
  14. The lands are targeted at BC players and LB they still fit the progression of the game. Just because small players can't afford them doesn't mean they should be able to. And doesn't mean they should be changed they work out to be very similar gold/stat ratio as Erick explains in his thread
  15. Where the F r the Spy quests? Only been say it 4 yrs now
  16. What's the point in having any
  17. That's like saying what's the point of soldier quests, it's the ability to do something with your troops if the eb won't allow you to
  18. As long as you alienate PC users this will all be futile.