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  1. Hey Charlie, can we have an option in the mage for it to remember our location of items we are enchanting please? Instead of scrolling to the top automatically every single time. Please?
  2. Have anyone considered the principle (law) of diminishing returns in a broader coverage?
    Make it a part of every aspect of the game. ;)
  3. Panic whilst I agree with you from an lb vs lb point of view.
    When I started even the small players had a chance to defend themselves.

    We have seen last year that any lb with a grudge can just farm players out of the game as it is impossible for smaller accounts to inflict any damage.
    The damage lb can do to each other is real.
    For everyone else it's still impossible.
    But due to hit ranges not being changed this makes it impossible for many to have any hope of defending themselves in a pvp situation.

    I acknowledge that the lb need more to do.
    Which is why new lowlands or higher levels on hl, or hf levels would benefit the smalls more than the top for faster growth.
    It's also why I believe that if new lands at the top end had damageable buildings at a set percent per level of successful actions it would spice things up at the top end whilst acting as a gold sink at the same time as allowing damage to be done directly to a land set that would spice up osw and the top of the lb.

    Plundermax. Yes it seems a lot of smalls have big voices.
    Many of us appreciate how much the top pay to play. Kaw would not be here without spenders.
    But kaw is a social wargame. That aspect has been left behind by many that seem to just hit ebs out of choice.
    Faster growth ( not absurdly faster ) but a bit faster helps the health of the game community as whole.
    More new players staying in the game as they see faster growth early in the game ( this is where a I believe new lowland map would help as it shows more rapid expansion would encourage new players.
    Seeing rapid growth early encourages spending
    All of which is good for active allies and a growing community.
    Never ending lands won't be a total fix forever.
    Being able to damage set new levels would add competition. Even during ee wars where it would affect plunder ability and fighting ability when those levels are attained live in the war.

    There does need to be a balance. Both in incentive for established players. And for the new players we need and want to attract to keep the game progressing.

    Plunder increases and plunder spells that act in a way to increase clan earning, the equivalent to say a clan running hte but on pvp actions may help osw players more. Earning event items with each action certainly would.

    As for alts farming alts. Who cares. Less troops for one account and it's really no worse than hitting an eb for reward. It's a ridiculous tactic if the devs fix drops based on activity which would limit exploits available and also allow clans to be more loyal as the wouldn't need to hop around to boost drops in ebs.

    But it os great that people are discussing the issues and how they see the best fixes developing.
    Hopefully many ideas will be used to help develop a long lasting kaw with a more balanced community
  4. This has most probably been said already but they need to fix the stats on level 4 hl it's a joke,

    Xtra levels on LL/hf would be good but only if it isn't a waste of gold like the current level 4 hl is
  5. Without new lands,which is basically the only true gold sink if priced high enough,and new buildings,forge to reduce the elements required for ug's,castle lev's for increased bonuses where will the gold go.There's only one place for the gold and that is allies,and at the rate gold is being earned soon allies will be priced so high nobody will be able to buy them or keep theirs,just food for thought.
  6. Hence why devs have said numerous times they're working on other gold sinks...
  7. There's nothing they can bring out that can equal new lands and buildings for gold removal,unless it's high priced equipment,but unless you do wars those would be worthless,besides with that their would be a outcry because the stats would have to be rediculous.
  8. Just more reason why if new lands come out the. Holdings on it should be damageable and thus repairable giving the biggest most competitive gold sink to date
  9. How about for a gold sink, allow clans to upgrade their clan logo? Every shield with sword next to each clans' name on the clan lb is really boring.

    Spice things up a bit. Make this game more customizable. Maybe introduce themes to the game too, with cool fonts and different colors and stuff. For the price of gold.

    This game's look is very barebones. You guys have a huge market you can tap into here
  10. Or have them priced double the cost of the last set with minimal stat increase but rather add different bonuses,but they would only be available after completing 20 builds on Osmo lands,that's one of the problems with the lands being able to open them with too few opened from the previous set.
  11. I have suggested different builds offering different abilities. Went down like a lead balloon.
    People want stats and plunder.
    If the new lands produce plunder anywhere near close to the current levels in a few months we will be straight back to needing new lands with an even bigger gap than ever before.
    Allies will be so overpriced that no one other than the lb will be able to afford allies and the bulk of the community will be more frustrated than they are now.

    Bot allies were suggested 2 years ago. And that finally may happen to help players. But they need to have a capped price to stop basic allies becoming op for new players.

    Damageable buildings seem like the best option because repairs directly remove gold from the game. It allows lb to be competitive and lower opponents position. And it does allow growth though it would need to have less plunder available per new building.

    If that new land set worked as a balance then again in a year plus new destructible lands could be added furthering the competition between the top levels. Whilst allowing a competitive goal for all new players to push for.
    It would also appeal to osw players with. Ragging rights destroying an opponent buildings over night rather than just stripping them.
    For the devs. If they could show all devices maps of enemies lands through scouts with graphics showing various stages of damage to the new land sets it would enhance kaw even further giving it more desirable image potentially.

    lands with Mage enhancement abilities for example seem good But as they seem unpopular there is little incentive for devs to do that.
  12. Says the noob with a SS & no clan
  13. Edit:

    See 1st revision below
  14. i just want to know when the building tokens will be implemented and what do they mean it will differ per build type
  15. A revision of my last post....

    IMO this is the time to break away from the past and change gears bringing in new content. Whether its all or some of TG's ideas or something ease entirely new I'm all for it.

    I propose the new lands have a new pair of buildings introduced. BALLISTAS for both Attack and Spy that damage buildings during OSW PVP and EE. Those damaged buildings can regen or be repaired faster by using gold. I guess maybe MITHRIL would be a better idea for any faster repairs. Going in a totally different direction from simply getting more att/spy stats creates a more interesting set of ideas for build plans and their use.

    For those who constantly rail on about chasing BC as if its all that matters this is a compromise.
    Those who EB only which is fine these BALLISTAS r for non eb use hence do not effect EB only ppl. While ppl in OSW PVP and EE game styles ug for their purposes the EB only folks carry on as usual at no loss to them.

    EDIT: a cap on damaging buildings TBD
  16. Im not sure you have any reason to be posting here. You were retired for an age and only came back 2 weeks ago. So any changes won't impact you
  17. I've always checked in and kept up with the game. It's it's the social aspect that keeps me coming back to Kaw.
  18. Glad you agree with the idea. But no to mith. Gold is accessible to all and mith is hard come by.
    To act as a sink it should only be based on gold.
    And it must be attainable to every player when they reach these lands. Whether they system war or not.
    Unless mith is put back on sale with greater limits. This won't act as a sink and would reduce putting it back on sale reduces the incentive to war.
    And system wars there is little enough motive to war already
  19. Gold only works for me and ignore mithril.
    It is attainable to ALL players.
    All lands need not be opened to ug either.