College Football Is Better Than NFL

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    Such a girly sport huh?
  2. Did you see that guy's arm?
  3. Rugby has higher impact tackles. look it up. An average rugby tackle has the force of a car going 38 mph.
  4. This thread has converted from College Football vs NFL to Football v Rugby.
  5. Both rugby and American football are popular, fun sports. They have different rules which allow for different types of impacts. They are mutually exclusive and shouldn't be compared. Now enough on that debate please.

    Instead of dissing each other's sports, why not try and get into it yourself?
  6. @Cyber

    Just so you know, that's 20-25 g's regularly. Some rugby hits reach 40, but that's it. Football hits on average are 40 g's. With some reaching over 150 g's. Just for comparison, 100 g's without any padding is enough for a concussion.
  7. I've never understood the rugby vs football debate.

    Rugby is about endurance and football is about raw strength.

    Who is better? A marathon runner or a power lifter?

    There is no answer because you're comparing apples and oranges.

    We can all agree however thst soccer sucks

  8. Do you mean...FUTEBOL? No but seriously, soccer sucks ass to watch. However when the world cup comes around I find myself watching it. Or at least the championship game.
  9. Woooaaaahhh, we're halfway there... WOOOOAAAAHH!! LIVIN ON A PRAYER!!!!
  10. I actually think lingere football is better than both - ask ash to make a thread to prove it
  11. I enjoy college ball much more. GO NOLES!
  12. Nice post. I enjoy the complexity of the game at the professional level. The playbooks are deeper, the free agency and draft I find more entertaining then recruiting/ commitment days...

    Number one reason I like the pros better is that the playing field is much more level. College programs run some bogus small schools on their schedule and I am not interested in watching a school beatup on another school that they should never be playing. I like bowl season, top 25 matchups and Conference championship games.

    The atmosphere is def better at a college game no doubt about it. It is intense...
  13. Ok no bowl games suck I'd rather have a bracket tournament I hate the bowl games
  14. Great thread, OP....but nah. NFL is the dream of everyone (mostly) that ever straps on a helmet and steps onto the gridiron. There are no scrubs at that level. I still would bet money that a mediocre team of NFL players would edge out the top team in the nation on any given day. That being said, NCAA has more tradition and those kids play the game with more passion... But nah. #Volsnation
  15. NFL is overrated. College is definitely where it's at. Can't compete with atmosphere, intensity, and rivalries.

    Go wolverines!

    Ohio sucks
  16. NFL > NCAAF
  17. Everyone, go watch the Hurricanes slaughter the Longhorns in the '89 cotton bowl, then we'll resume this.
  18. Lol if college is way better, than why are all the college players, trying to go pro..
    Hmmmm.. Let's think... Hmmmm..