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    Hello, all.

    My home clan is Caedimus Noctu. CN has been around for a year and some now. In that time period, we've been at war with our allies against Invictus. Now that we are done with that period of our life, we see it necessary to bring in new Slayers of the Night.

    Warriors by day - Slayers by night

    In its early days, Caedimus Noctu use to be a highly secretive organization. During the day, we would merge into your forces and fight alongside you. At night? We went to work, slitting the throats of your men while they slept. It’s humiliating really. A soldier dying not on the battlefield, but, a bed. This was not the case for all our victims:

    One night, we were crouched atop the branches of Artosh, in our signature black and grey hooded light robes. Below us, was a bandit camp with around two-hundred men laughing and drinking the night away with little care for security.

    Caedimus Noctu have been stalking these bandits for weeks, waiting not only on the perfect time to strike, but, to deal yet another humiliating blow.

    In the tree, one woman stood up and gave the hand signal to attack. At once, forty assassins came pouring out of the trees like ant out of their mound. The bandits were taken by surprise and quickly tried to mount a defense, but, it was futile. After the dust had settled, only one bandit remained.

    The same person that gave the attack signal walked over to the man. She uncovered her face and looked the man in the eyes.

    "You know better than to cheat us." She said.

    “No! You got it all wrong. I prom-." The bandit began before Kimmeh ended his life with her knife.

    "I don't need your promises, I needed results." She said to the lifeless body.

    She quickly turned to us and said, "Noctu, move out."

    We quickly climbed back up the trees and dashed off, in search for our next target.


    Caedimus Noctu is ran by a three-man council........On paper, if you let the owner talk about it. The female presence is strong here. (We only have 4. So bossy)


    Boss lady of CN. She runs the clan with a -SOMEWHAT- "delicate"(Let her tell it) touch. Don't take her (what she calls) "-kindness-" for weakness, she is karma. Notoriously known for locking you in a dungeon and throwing away the key. She treats all her slav...Erm, minions with all the respect they need. Minimal.

    Gamma - Rampage

    (Sorry guys. I tried to get you guys a description. Kimmeh didn't approve. Felt they were too generous.

    Ok. I just checked. She approved a sentence each:

    Gamma - He's alright.
    Rampage - Why are you reading this? It's cuddle time!

    Coup de d'etat

    About two months ago, we got tired of the oppression. We devised a three-pronged plan to take ownership from Kimmeh. (And prepare for the civil war to follow.) The plan was to:

    1. Get Rampage to cozy up with her and steal her heart.
    2. Get her phone and pass ownership when she wasn't looking.
    3. Get the hell out of dodge.

    How well do you think that went?

    Advanced recruitment method

    One thing CN has, is advanced recruitment methods. Let me tell you how we rope new members in. CN has third party apps for communications and the recruiters are women. Should I continue?

    We get people to join the room. The women talk them into joining us with their inviting profile pictures of dogs. Yeah. Dogs. I am not a victim of this type of recruitment.............

    *Ashes stopped reading the thread at this point right here and is now pming me for a room invite.*

    Goals/Rules -

    CN's goals have always been the same. To continue to be a prosperous OSW clan while having a branch in other aspects of Kaw to keep up with Kaw's times. IE ~ EE, Promo's, Time trails.

    There are just a few ground rules.

    1. Kimmeh is the boss, you are her minions.
    2. Rule #1 can't be changed.
    3. Must be loyal.
    4. CN never hits CN. (Unless it's from the ladies, or the ladies are hitting one another.)
    5. Leave drama at the door.
    6. 18+ only. (Unless you act mature...)

    Want to join? Hit an admin up. 20m cbs (but I can be bribed.)

    Want a deeper look? http://bit.ly/1jeSNdo



    Don't make us show you.
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