Clan Roles Launching January 27th! (UPDATED)

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  1. Error not working
  2. Great because now my alt can't be admin therefore I have too stick on one phone
  3. It's simply not working.. It keeps saying "invalid role"
  4. Re: Clan Roles Launching January 26th!

    My reset button works just fine on my phone

  5. Roles will not be enabled until after current event ends.

    All admins will stay admin,as long as they don't leave the clan.

    Starting tomorrow when the event ends, and roles are enabled. You will have 24hrs to assign positions, those admins not assigned a new role will revert to soldier.
  6. Many thanx lord
  7. This isn't the first time old iOS versions have been phased out. 3 and 4 were phased out years ago. Took my original iPod touch out of play.
    No different than a favorite fully functional printer or some great software not being supported under a new Windows os.
    Can't support everything forever.
  8. ^ but they can provide decent notice like they did with mochi.
  9. They have provided decent notice. You have until next update to find an alternative. This could be a few weeks away or months.
  10. I support this, costs are a bit high. However they are pretty reasonable for the functions they provide. Most active player can make 50 bil in a week minimum. If you can't make 50 bil in a week being an EB fairy. Then you don't deserve a role slot in my opinion.

    I understand the limiting of the hundereds of pointless small clans. I don't know how many clans/alliances there are that have "training/growing" clans that are setup with people who are actually knowledgeable about the game.

    I do believe there should be a clan bank, or at least some small bonus for unlocking and being active/loyal enough to be assigned to a role, proportionately of coarse.

    But all and all I think this is a good update.
  11.  what this guy said...

    ...& it will increase clan loyalty (or should)
  12. The top 3 admin positions, warchief, commander and arms master can all pay towards unlocking roles therefore once the roles are available just swap people round into these roles to pay too unlock slots. Smaller members unlock ssmaller roles, after all this does coincide with the end of an event. That way all clannies,have supported their respective clans and aided it's growth.
  13. How come the roles are saying invalid role? Anybody else having the same difficulty? Tried catching mods but no joy??
  14. Is kaw taking the bypass bypass,1t for 3 bypass slots,take yourself outside kaw n smash your heads against a bypass wall.maybe knock some bypass sense into it
  15. Can not assign roles to Members, Even though I bought roles already,
    It will b trouble some to maintain clan if all admins reset to soldiers At same time
  16. For those who are wondering why they can't assign ranks yet
  17. The roles are enabled, then there's 24hrs till everyone's roles are reset. In that time you should be able to assign roles and stuff so you shouldn't be left without admins.
  18. The only thing I see coming from this update is dead players, dead clans and a dead game.
  19. So which is it, devs?