Clan loyalty plunder and Event Bonus!

Discussion in 'Clans and Alliances' started by Dave, Apr 29, 2017.

  1. Thank you, I think it's quite ambitious but we have to start some place right.
  2. I support you Dave 

  3. Ummmmmmm....
    He will be dumb if he do that to get bonus he can get that bonus with his activeness.. and if he leaves clan he will lost it as per his idea....
  4. No response from devs I see.
    They too busy spending the real $ on fast cars n dirty women
  5. Something wrong when people support a idea like this lol its only helping the bigs like him.

  6. Maybe they will if it stays in active for a while. Once the Kaw community gets behind it. Least I hope so

  7. That's quite narrow minded, I have worked hard for my build. If I was selfish and not loyal to my clan I would have build complete by now maybe give that a thought. Also I have grown from noob to this in this clan. This idea is to support clan loyalty not aimed at size.
  8. I like this! I support it
  9. No support, don't be a fairy. Clan loyalty is earned not through game modifications, you need a way to earn loyalty, good cc for a start.
  10. Its aimed at size and all you bigs are selfish.

    My idea is about 10000x better than yours to improve clan loyalty fact is not many will support it because they want easy drops for having a big build the bonus is the gold you get from your build events should be fair.
  11. I agree with turtle
    we belong to a clan family and players move between the clans
    it could penalise those helping the other clans
    nice idea though
    support if the family clans idea are encouraged
  12. Totally support the idea,atm there is no clan loyalty unless u call "clan jumpers" loyal...grab the game by the scruff of its neck and help each other out...grow ur clan and prosper...don't forget lots of clans fail without loyalty..go for it,it's only a game after all.
  13. You were BC before new levels came out you quit and came back do you not think people know this or something? And you haven't been in champions Corp for long stop chatting out your bum.
  14. Forget about my size as I am speaking from a clan owners point of view not a personal one. I agree it's unfair a big can jump clan unload onE time and make max drops.

    I'm not going to get into a argument with you as that's just defeats the object of this. Maybe post your suggestions on this post and aquire support. I deserve to build big in kaw I earned it through hard work. I personally would help any clan forfeiting my bonus no problem it's the smaller members that plug away but get less I think deserve more.
  15. Thanks for your input
  16. You can build as big as you want I don't care I didn't say anything about that but you in no way deserve more event drops than a new player for example should be even or where is the competition? You for sure deserve more gold from hitting people and EB's because you have worked for it I'm not saying you don't.

    I've posted my opinion already.
  17. I was never BC, I started in Champs I am a current owner. I did have a break from the games as it has great consiquences on my real life. I'm now semi active.

    If your aim is to troll this thread and have nothing to add to this please leave my thread respectfully. Thank you.