Clan loyalty plunder and Event Bonus!

Discussion in 'Clans and Alliances' started by Dave, Apr 29, 2017.

  1. Nice idea,stats need improvement though,40% is a big number.

  2. I was thinking about clan roles too but I'm not sure how easy that is to manage. Or maybe be exploited by creating a clan of war chiefs n solo ebs like HTE.

    I agree stats are high it was more of an example tbh.
  3. War Season one was all about staying in clan
    LB nubs didn't like it
    Hinders their ability. So was taken away
    Clan loyalty bonus will make greedy trains difficult so, .... not gonna happen

    Good idea though
  4. Definite support on this, good call Dave. Clan loyalty needs to be focused on cause it's been lost for quite some time.

    ~TG :)

  5. Forget about lb and big it's easy to explpit these events ill post SS to show you. This is about the rest of kaw. But your right it's about time the tide changes tho.
  6. Thanks bro you have done some great work in the kaw community so your opinion is very important to me
  7. Support clan loyalty. But then eb's need to change. Can't train in one clan. So...
  8. No Support for this. This would just destroy all clan loyalty from smaller clans.
  9. Totally support bringing a clan together and maybe in a way they can work together as a unit for event achievements. Think they sorta tried it with a couple of ebs like last 3% in fod were clan has to be on the same page. Not the best example of a clan working together but that's the closest I can think ATM. Could be fantastic 
  10. I mean this will bring together clans but defeat many Mercs. Idk how this would work in lowlands wars. This would also drop pvp amongst players with those percentages since everyone would want to be an eb fairy
  11. Instead of it being just days in a clan there would have to be a daily activity monitor so you aren't going afk for a month for certain bonuses. If you're in the clan and active then you should get the rewards as opposed to those that just chill away from the game
  13. Only downside I see is that this really hurts clans that need help finishing ebs which are typically smaller clans as it is. I like the idea and clan loyalty needs to be emphasized in the game but I'm not sure hurting newer players and starter clans is best for the game rn.

    I also realize that is not the intention but I very seriously believe it will happen
  14. But on the other hand you do have to think about that. Is it really worth it for someone to not log into kaw for 28 days just to get a plunder bonus?

    Maybe for building an alt and getting crazy equip for it; but still, you miss out on 4 weeks worth of content you could have gotten, and a lot of clans kick inactives unless you're perm
  15. Support that will basically get rid of clan hoppers but will also remove train clans

    Over all support

  16. Clan owners should just kick in-actives.

  17. I agree to a point. But this could incourage stronger clans in the long run. If you need help you should not be running the clan with help needed. But if I go an help a clan I would just leave before eb finishes keeping my bonus.