Clan Hopping

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  1. Clan hopping has become a major feature of Kaw, basically the clan gets the EB through the first 4 phases of NOTH/GOTH and then advertises on WC and the scavengers flock in to finish it off for quick items.

    I do this too because it’s the only way I will get 50k event items. I think there is a good way to fix this and bring back clan communities in KaW.
    Add a loyalty spell, basically it gets cast on you as soon as you join a clan and it lasts forever (until you leave the clan), every day you are in the clan your loyalty tier goes up by 1 (max of 7) the higher your loyalty tier it multiplies items received by EBs by x amount. (Better multiplier when higher tier)

    every 14 days, coinciding with the new event everyone’s loyalty is reset. This ensures that people won’t get max event items on the first day of a new event because they have to wait 7 days to get max loyalty spell again.
  2. Just a thought.
    If you leave the clan and join back without joining another clan your loyalty tier won’t reset because EE Warrers constantly have to leave and rejoin clans so they can do indi war.
  3. Could be ok. But As a person who doesn't hop idgaf
  4. But the amount of time that it takes the average clan to do a full epic may give the hoppers the time to get on the end of 6/7 epics? So it’d just balance out?..
  5. A person staying in an average clan atm won’t ever hit 50k event items. This helps those who want to stay loyal to their clan hit 50k, clan hopping would still likely be the best method unless your clan is pumping out 1-2 hour goth and noths 7 days in.
  6. How do you think this will affect NK weekend if it gets implemented?
  7. I’d still hop for the crestplate drops, unless you plan to change the drop rates for those too
  8. I think those are the drops op meant. Proposal designed to try and even up growth btwn those who choose to hop and those who choose to run the clans the community needs.
  9. Maybe, but I understood at allowing people to reach 50k. If crestplates are linked to the multiplier then their drop rates will be changing due to the bonus resetting every event. When they shouldn’t be associated to the event legends