Clan for Smalls and Returning players

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  1. Opening Clan again

    Temple of Darkness , we were originally EE War clan The Forsaken Fortress.. 2013-2015

    By accident owner disbanded clan trying to do clans War... We could not recover from that mistake...

    Had a lot of fun warring Big Ee clans from;

    Smushroom Kingdom
    Lord of the Rings clans
    División 1

    These were good times when rosters where 11 vs 11 ,

    Trying to help small accounts grow, if possible make the clan active again,

    We invite active players that Are trying to run their own clan to visit us, and see if they would Like to join, to have a better social gaming

    Would Love to host some Low Land Wars, but to be honest when they increase te roster size they killed participation.. 20 vs 20 didnt worked out, so 15 vs 15 is Set.. And again its hard to find people available these days that EB are what moves the player based..

    Ok feel free to reach out to Support and suggest 11 vs 11 again.. Or 7 vs 7..

    For clan Wars

    Feel free to Wall me or ApplY .. If interested in visiting ill try to Keep the clan active for 1 More Week...

    Have fun and play good , real life is better, but We are here to just get away from our time and space momento... Smile and Keep on tapping 
  2. Best of luck
  3. Good luck and help the little guys out in learning the ropes of the game
  4. I recommend having a separate clan for hosting LL wars. Players who don’t want to war won’t want to sit there and miss out on ebs. Other than that cool clan
  5. Bump

    Thx for the Support. @Temple Of Darkness
  6. I loved being in the clan even when I sat out of a war. When you’re part of a team it’s fun to see your team succeed and a non participating tracker is a HUGE help.
  7. Still running eb ,doing Good, would be nice to have extra admins or people voluntering, only sad has many clans OuT there and This Is for even big clans Is the silence in the clan chat room , i remenber when We were more social in Kaw, Now Is more of tap tap and We Are losing the best part of the Game... But still with hope... Thx for hte Support
  8. I see many inactive clans and many new accounts that come in for short while, not sure if they Loose interest in the Game so quick...

    If you Are new and reading This come and join us, only a few 24x7 clans Are OuT there for smalls.. For over 100mcs its easy to hit bigger EB
  9. Can I... can I make this look good? Like all you would have to do is edit. No need for a new CT.

    Just, the forumer in me wants this thread to be as good as the clan threads of old.
  10. Help him out, I always enjoyed your threads.
  11. Would be nice to make This thread better Looking, still Looking for small Warriors to come over

  12. I like this idea a lot, especially since returning players will be able to settle down in a more laid back clan and learn the mechs again.

    Definitely hoping this clan will grow!

  13. Thank you All for your Support,

    We have been running unlocks and bigger EB

    Since We reopen We had new accounts and Keep on helping, All Stats Welcome still ApplY

    This Is still a great Game if people can share their time and friendship, cheers
  14. Update

    We Are still running EB 24x7

    All builds Welcome to grow

    Thanks All for the Support !!! ️
  15. We have been open since late 2014,
    If you are a clan owner struggling between RL and this game, consider merging with us, better to work has a team that put a lot of effort these days clans are hard to maintain, pls wall me or Majin for details, happy Kawimg
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  16. We are still here since 2014,

    it is hard times for All, Looking for returning players and smaller clans to join us to keep the community of small to mid players active,

    No stats required, All Time Zones Welcome!