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    Clan Application Bypass & Job Titles

    Nearly everyone knows how the application process works for a clan. The member applies, and an admin or the owner accepts or rejects. I propose an option that only the owner can access under the manage tool that allows the owner to set a bypass to the application if the member or admin leaves and reapplies at a later time. This feature would also preserve the player's rank, job title, and nickname. This would take a lot of stress off of admins and owners who have to accept returning members 24/7.

    On the other hand, the Job Title is just how it sounds. It is a title awarded to any admin who shows a good specialization skill. This skill may be anything, such as member management (Activity checks, accepting applications, etc.) or distributing titles to players. The clan leader gets to assign rights to a customized database. These rank rights can be later edited when necessary to the owner. This is a completely customizable ability. Names and rights are specifically chosen by the owner.

    Here is a similar idea on ranks by Sethosaurus_. (Link not yet active)

    I will also send this to the KaW devs if I can get 10 supports.

    Supporter List

    x XxX_ZETH_XxX
    x Wolfie69
    x Nudge248
  2. AYE! Ye've got it lad.
  3. Yer idea is a good un, it tis. I allus love to see a good idea.
  4. Good idea.. I believe this is where you post "Support," for lack of something better to say.Good job!
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    Quick suggestion, lighten up the colors to make them more readable.
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    No support. I don't support any automation to the game. If your admins are too lazy to check their members especially during OSW, you deserve to lose.
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    No support !
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    I do like this idea. When I was in my old clan, we were keeping track of those SS/TS/AFF enchanted relics. I did that for all the people who came in an out throughout day. Sometimes I'd do titles 2-3 times a day to make sure it was up to date. Not to mention other duties an admin has. Plus, when an admin would leave for something and come back, of course, they weren't admin when they joined back creating even more of a problem. I supported this idea 2 years ago and am still in full support.

    (Some people might say it's useless to have an admin just for cr, but those people haven't had to deal with stuff like this before)
  9. Full support its a great idea and a benefit to clans and their members.
  10. 1st idea don't leave clan 2nd idea we have titles already.
  11. Good ideas, but this has been brought up many times already for clan improvements that never came to be.
  12. Sometimes, a player has to leave their clan for some reason. They may require a piece of equipment to hit the epic battles require, yet the clan doesn't do the battles that drop the equipments. That is one of many examples I can give to justify leaving.

    On the topic of the titles, there is a list of titles that is made by the owner, each assigned a certain set of administrative rights. This is not the nickname at all. This assigns a member limited admin rights.
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  14. Really good idea saves alot of messing about makes everyones life easier.
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    Why have a clan if you can't be bothered to run it, or admins that don't wish to fulfil their obligations? 
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    Sometimes, international clans can be harder as admins may be sleeping, forcing the member to wait or join another clan. The application process still applies to members besides the one saved to the management list. If the owner does not place a member on the list, that player still has to apply. This feature really is for perms who are done clan jumping. The job saving is for when an owner is on a vacation or taking a short break from the game.

    I am not saying you are wrong, but I am not talking about epic battle queues or auto activity checks. Those would still be manual, but there is a point to this idea. Perms are usually annoyed when they are stuck locked out of their clan because the admins are sleeping. That is actually one reason that perms can decide to clan jump longer then planned
  17. Good idea

    Support list makes you look like a bit of a pompous meanie
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    No support at all
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    I don't know about you guys...but the text is really really bright
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    Sorry about the bright text. I did that due to a request