Charms Rebalancing

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  1. Is giffing still coming soon? Just how long is soon? Also can we have a max build button when demolishing and rebuilding with plates??
  2. Please let us gifts Equip 
    Great Work! Finally a fix for EE Wars
  3. You lost me but ok.

    Gifting soon please

    Making it so charms don't affect plunder is a mistake you noobs will see that soon enough.
  4. Pipz w/ heavy charms still on d same rank well dont know f they really fix d issue..,
  5. U fix nada zero null
  6. Support
  7. Well done ATA..... 
  8. Great job thank you.. keep it up
  9. Nothing has been fixed...tyvm
  11. When you say soon, how long is soon? Please cut off the ability to transfer charms during war or there is no point really of it and do the new boundaries also account to BFA with ranges? Can you be more accurate ?
  12. Winston, once you’re done finishing the charms match up, please sort out the furnishings, I feel they don’t give a good enough boost for the time and money spent into them.
  13. Support. Transfers need to be blocked once match up occurs.
  14. Follow Esketit for free charms.
  15. Slim, I heard you want a finger in your treasure chest.
  16. Y'all. ATA has most of their workforce on Heckfire now. It gets constant feature updates and community requested updates. For the first time ever, ATA listens to the community and tweaks UIs, gameplay and more based on popular demand there. Kaw? Lmao, they don't care.

    KaW is on auto run. Last a dev posted they said the kaw team was two member strong. :lol:

    Only ATA can be stupid enough to put up an update like this and then not lock transfer of charms. Literally the most obvious exploit, you don't have to be a game designer to know that. They outsource their artwork for kaw whilst saving in home artwork for Heckfire. Now we have Winston the Intern. Sigh.
  17. Is this crap even active yet? I haven't done an indi so no idea.

    Nvm I looked at BL doesn't seem to be any difference.
  18. Thanks everyone for your thoughts on locking charms. This is something we were aware of but wanted to at least start improving the matchmaking sooner rather than later. We'll be looking into locking the trading feature and seeing how feasible this is to further improve the war user experience.
  19. Devs you should improve EB bonus by 25% more on current one. This will help us non spenders grow little more before next land